Saturday, 19 January 2008

Politically Incorrect

Today's self portrait is a bit of a cheat but I can honestly say hand on heart I had one that was taken this morning but then as I was transferring it the computer ate it. It was a really good one too as my head had been replaced by an orange bowling ball as it was taken this morning while we were ten pin bowling. So instead I have scanned in a couple of pictures that I found while looking through some boxes yesterday.

This was me aged 7 months on Boxing Day 1970 with my new toys, I loved that Golliwog.

This was in the very hot summer of 1976 when I was 6 years old, I think we were on the Isle of Wight? Mum wasn't too happy with me as I refused to wear my bikini top for the duration of the holiday and I kept getting called sonny. Can you see my hernia? That was my party piece when I was little I used to do a crab and it would pop right out, further than in the picture, and then I would push it in with my finger and it would temporarily disappear with a satisfying crunch. Don't know what happened to it, I never had an operation so it must have just got covered up with layers of fat over the years.

I've done another one at last taking my total up to 6 - a Digi layout that is. I have been putting it off for weeks now as I know it takes me 10 times longer than anyone else to do these as I have to look up how to do everything. I know I will get there in the end but at the moment it is slow going. I'm quite pleased with this one as I made the patterned papers myself using some brushes called Dark & Gothic from SS ? and some paper from Digitreats. The font used is called 1928. I can't work out where I got the star stamp thing from it says mmareda on it so I don't know if that means anything to anyone. **I must remember to make a note of where I get these bits from in the future**

I did this one for a scrap lift challenge on Designer Digital's. I stuck pretty closely to the LO that was to be lifted I'm sure when I am a bit more confident I will start to make it my own but at the moment I am learning loads from copying and find that challenging enough.


Louise said...

LOL at your hernia crab story!!! I used to have one too, so mine must be under my blubber!!!
I also had a golliwog and I loved it... you can still get them, but they have dropped the 'wog'.
I was born in July '76, and mum said it was a killer!!!

Mima said...

Computers can be a real pain! The hernia story is great, and the pics of you as a little one are lovely.

Louise Woolford. said...

LOL I remeber doing the crab when i was little (if I tried it now i'd probally break my back) god you had lots of lovely hair I was almost bold until about 8 months and what hair I had was pure white.
brilliant photos.

Di said...

Oh I love your sps. Always good looking at the older photos. Can't believe your hernia LOL Wow!

Sarah said...

Great SPS, love those old photos, and what a cute sprog you were!

Jenga said...

I love that pic! I had a Golliwog too that my Gran gave me and I loved him. Don't you wish things like that had been saved? I don't have any of my old toys to pass to my boys :(

Anonymous said...

Aww weren't you a real cutie :D Fab jealous of you though because I could NEVER do the I tried and tried but couldn't manage it.
Loving your digi's great :D

etteY said...

awww you look so cute!!!

MJ said...

Love the self portrait and the 'golliwog' is great LOL