Monday, 18 January 2010


Last night we caught up with the new series of "Being Human" which we really enjoy the fact that there are usually a few sexy vampires floating around does help! Russell Tovy is fantastic as George the Werewolf.

Today was a bit low on B's but I did listen to these 2 albums this morning which were good to do the cleaning too.

For tea we had "Braised Pork with Prunes" which has been one of our favourite dishes for a while now since I discovered it in the back of a Good Food Magazine.

Braised pork with prunes

I think I could probably add another B to my list after doing such a Boring Blog post!!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010


I thought I might have got bored of the AtoZ by now but to my utter amazement I'm not. In fact I am thoroughly enjoying looking for B's and Pete and the boys seem to be getting more and more into it too. They have even suggested some things for B today - Burger King, Bon Bons and some ideas for other letters too - Frankie and Benny's, Macdonald's, Chiquito's ......

As it was not snowing or raining today we decided to visit Brereton Heath country park which is relatively close to my Dad's house.

Before we went into the park I decided we would go and find a geocache that was very close by and began with B. On the way we spotted this sign on a barn wall can't you see how the boys love me taking their picture.

A bit further down the path we found "Brereton Scout Group - Green Lane" hiding next to a telegraph pole covered with very prickly brambles. Despite the facial expressions they did actually enjoy themselves. Not sure I am very happy though I look like a midget next to my boys now. :o(

After a very muddy walk around the mere at Brereton we drove to my Dad's where we spent a very pleasant couple of hours before coming home via Byley.

Last night we watched Bruno which Matt's friend had left at our house by accident last week. I think I watched most of it thorough my cardigan it was so cringy. I honestly don't know how he gets away with it without someone beating him to a pulp. Got to admit that I did find some of it funny though.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


I had been looking forward to making a Black Forest Sundae since I first decided to do AtoZ 2010. Pete and I went down to Asda to get the ingredients, we managed the meringues and the low fat chocolate ice cream (apart from the fat we decided to ignore the low fat bit) but we couldn't get the tinned black cherries in syrup so substituted them with frozen cherries instead. All I can say is next time I will make sure I get tinned cherries as it wasn't sweet or sticky enough as the sauce turned out all runny due to the lack of syrup. That said they all got eaten and there were no complaints.

Yesterday I went round to Mima's for a diet coke and some Biscuits with her and Sue and while I was there I mentioned we wanted to play Backgammon for B but didn't have the game so needed to ask my Mum. Mima came to the rescue and has lent me this rather splendid set she has. Last night Pete and I played three games with a score of 2/1 to me! Yay We will be teaching Kyle and Matt to play over the next 2 weeks.

Tonight was home-made Burgers night and they were delicious, we used a Colemans burger mix for the first time, which was 50p from Morrisons, mixed in with some minced beef. Usually I would make my own burgers from scratch with bread crumbs, eggs, herbs but now I have found this mix I don't think I will bother in the future as this was sooo easy and tasty.

Friday, 15 January 2010


This is my second attempt at this post as I was a day ahead of myself with the letters and did it yesterday! DoH!

We bought one of these a couple of weeks back in the sales for all of us to use. On Wednesday night Matt managed 1hr 20 mins on it which really impressed me even when he informed me that he had rigged up the XBox to the TV in the spare room so he could play and exercise at the same time. I am going to claim this for one of my "B's" as I have (B)iked for 15 minutes this morning on the very lowest setting now all I have to do is wait and see what my knee is like later on today if it's OK I will go up and setting and do 5 minutes tomorrow. The GP had said that going on the bike was a good idea to strengthen the muscles around the damaged knee so who am I to argue.

Yesterday morning I have sorted out all the (B)edding into piles and cleared space in my wardrobe to store it all neatly. I have been intending to take the bedding out of the boys wardrobes and store it all together in one place for ages but never got round to it. As the boys have more & more sleepovers I need to have it all easily accessible and close to the spare duvets and pillows which saves me running around hunting in every room to find all the bits I need.

(B)logging daily for at least the next 2 weeks is also on my list of B's but I am not holding my breathe for that one!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A IS FOR......! These Apple & Sultana Squares were sooo easy to make and as an added bonus are a Weight Watchers recipe so kind to the hips too! They don't taste too bad either.

One of my favourite snacks ever is baby asparagus lightly griddled or grilled with parmesan cheese and a generous drizzle of yummy Balsamico Creme.

Tomorrow we are on to the letter "B" which is for Best Ever Burgers, Black Forest Sundae and Blackberry & Apple Cake - can't wait!


This is not the type of thing we would normally watch, I'm not sure why as I love crime books and films. The only reason we watched it is because it began with "A" and I am glad we did as I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Mima very kindly loaned us this DVD a while back and it sat next to the TV looking all lonely and rejected for weeks. So the AtoZ gently nudged us and we decided to watch it and very glad we were too. Pete was very happy watching Nicole and I was more than happy to sit and watch Hugh for a couple of hours, can't think why that would be ;o)


Another album in my collection that I had never listened to all the way through mainly because each time I put it on I get stuck at "I don't want to miss a thing".

Alicia Keys

I have had this album on the computer for years and never actually listened to it. It is going on to my Iphone to be listened to again.