Monday, 18 January 2010


Last night we caught up with the new series of "Being Human" which we really enjoy the fact that there are usually a few sexy vampires floating around does help! Russell Tovy is fantastic as George the Werewolf.

Today was a bit low on B's but I did listen to these 2 albums this morning which were good to do the cleaning too.

For tea we had "Braised Pork with Prunes" which has been one of our favourite dishes for a while now since I discovered it in the back of a Good Food Magazine.

Braised pork with prunes

I think I could probably add another B to my list after doing such a Boring Blog post!!!


Jenga said...

BOnjour! (B word for ya!!) Being human is fab isn't it? Lovin George this season :) Bruno was good wasn't it - but soooooooooo bad!! hahaha xx

Kate said...

George is my fav character too! ** Kate **

Steph said...

great B's love Russel Tovey, and love the look of the braised pork don't think i could pursade anyone here to eat it!!!

Mima said...

Oh how I loved that braised pork recipe, just delicious, must remember to choose it for B's next shop!!