Saturday, 16 January 2010


I had been looking forward to making a Black Forest Sundae since I first decided to do AtoZ 2010. Pete and I went down to Asda to get the ingredients, we managed the meringues and the low fat chocolate ice cream (apart from the fat we decided to ignore the low fat bit) but we couldn't get the tinned black cherries in syrup so substituted them with frozen cherries instead. All I can say is next time I will make sure I get tinned cherries as it wasn't sweet or sticky enough as the sauce turned out all runny due to the lack of syrup. That said they all got eaten and there were no complaints.

Yesterday I went round to Mima's for a diet coke and some Biscuits with her and Sue and while I was there I mentioned we wanted to play Backgammon for B but didn't have the game so needed to ask my Mum. Mima came to the rescue and has lent me this rather splendid set she has. Last night Pete and I played three games with a score of 2/1 to me! Yay We will be teaching Kyle and Matt to play over the next 2 weeks.

Tonight was home-made Burgers night and they were delicious, we used a Colemans burger mix for the first time, which was 50p from Morrisons, mixed in with some minced beef. Usually I would make my own burgers from scratch with bread crumbs, eggs, herbs but now I have found this mix I don't think I will bother in the future as this was sooo easy and tasty.


Steph said...

More great B's.

The blackforst thingy looks lush!!!! i've never played backgammon myself but it's something i might have a look at this fortnight, great shot of the board.

and that Burger looks yummy defo a very good B xx

Mima said...

Great photos Hon! Glad that you are enjoying the backgammon, and wish I could claim credit for the board, but I have a feeling that it originally belonged to my step-dad, and that it came with me because I played more!!