Saturday, 22 August 2009


......sort of. The weather was so nice today that we decided that a visit to the beach was called for. Due to the fact that it is only 10 minutes drive away from the campsite Shell Island was the beach of choice. Little did we know that we couldn't get to it as the tide was in so after a quick reverse and 3 point turn with waves lapping at our tyres we headed off to Barmouth.

After a couple of hours lazing on the beach or paddling in the sea we went to hunt for food. We found "Good Luck" takeaway and "Chucks" diner neither of which sounded very promising!!! After the boys had footlong hotdogs they decided they wanted to go back to the campsite to play in the river. (photos to follow off the good camera).

I did dip my feet (and legs) but I have to tell you it was freezing, I have no idea how Pete and Kyle went swimming in it. A quick climb up my
mountain so that I could get a signal strong enough to log on meant that I could look for any geocaches in the area. Amazingly enough we were practically sat on one where we were so a very quick find.

And so I have caught up to now where I am sat clicking away on my iPhone looking at this.

I promise the burgers smell more appetising than they look -a bit smokey maybe but nice. So now it's time to eat. followed by a quick climb so that I can post.

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This is now my third attempt at blogging whilst away. I did manage a full one last night at the top of the hill behind the tent (I need to go there for a signal strong enough to post). I had just pressed send and everyone decided to leave me there in the dark so I gave up and ran after them - what a wus!

I am sat here on the campsite with my cup of tea being amazed by how some people can behave. Whenever we go camping we get them, we seem to be drawn to them. You know the ones. They are the ones that don't think there is nothing wrong with shouting and banging car doors at 1am on an otherwise silent campsite. The ones who have 2 large dogs who think they own the site and can crap anywhere without it being picked up. The ones who have I don't know how many young sons who when the whole campsite is asleep at 6.30am run up and down screaming and the parents see no wrong in it. The ones who don't appear to be leaving anytime soon but will hopefully be too knackered to make any noise tonight.

I never ever sleep well on my first night of camping, never have, never will. Even the sheep and owls kept me awake and I swear that waterfall sounds like an approaching tornado in the middle of the night. Despite all this we are having a wonderful time and even have some very promising blue skies for the second day running.

Yesterday was Pete's 41st birthday and for a present we took him buggy driving near to Llandudno. It was a great success and we are planning to go again for a full day without the boys.

Right I have finished writing so now I am going to climb the mountain which allows me to post.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Photo taken yesterday while walking the dogs.

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Just thought I would give this a quick go before we are away for the weekend to see if it works. If it does I can blog from anywhere!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Yet another attempt by me to resume my blogging. So I will start with a new girly look which is so not me but I like it, I would prefer it in a nice green but pink will do for now.

I'm sat here relegated to the dining room again as the house is full of teenage boys who spent the night here last night. I really can't complain they are a good group and have not been a scrap of trouble my only complaint is that they have made my living room smell of boy. They all (4 of them) stayed downstairs last night in the two living rooms playing on the XBox's all night with not a lot of sleep going on. Matt is going to be truly obnoxious later on as he really doesn't do tired very well at all.

Just a quick one from me today to ease myself into it again. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow ........