Saturday, 22 August 2009


......sort of. The weather was so nice today that we decided that a visit to the beach was called for. Due to the fact that it is only 10 minutes drive away from the campsite Shell Island was the beach of choice. Little did we know that we couldn't get to it as the tide was in so after a quick reverse and 3 point turn with waves lapping at our tyres we headed off to Barmouth.

After a couple of hours lazing on the beach or paddling in the sea we went to hunt for food. We found "Good Luck" takeaway and "Chucks" diner neither of which sounded very promising!!! After the boys had footlong hotdogs they decided they wanted to go back to the campsite to play in the river. (photos to follow off the good camera).

I did dip my feet (and legs) but I have to tell you it was freezing, I have no idea how Pete and Kyle went swimming in it. A quick climb up my
mountain so that I could get a signal strong enough to log on meant that I could look for any geocaches in the area. Amazingly enough we were practically sat on one where we were so a very quick find.

And so I have caught up to now where I am sat clicking away on my iPhone looking at this.

I promise the burgers smell more appetising than they look -a bit smokey maybe but nice. So now it's time to eat. followed by a quick climb so that I can post.

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Mandy Stapleton said...

Can't wait to see the picks of the lads swimming, lol.

You're in my kind of heaven :O) Enjoy the rest of your time away. xox