Wednesday, 13 October 2010


... she blogs again.  A lot has changed since I was last here the main thing being that I gave up my job in Aldi.  The short version is that I really didn't want to leave but it was just not fitting in with our lives any more and it was making me miserable trying to keep everything at home ticking over smoothly and work there too, so something had to give.  It's been a month now and I am finally starting to get over the guilt of quitting and starting to sort things out and looking forward.  Looking forward to what will hopefully be my new job with any luck.  I have already passed the first part of the training and the second part takes place on Friday morning so fingers crossed it will go well.

Me not working at Aldi has given us more time to enjoy the beautiful Autumn we have been having so on Saturday we went for a little walk  near to Malpas that ended up being not so little.

These berries were resplendent in the sunlight and are going to be used as my "Above" picture for Our Space today.

 and it wasn't long until we passed a farmer harvesting his crops, unfortunately the sun was in the wrong place to take a decent shot.

we then dropped down on to a tunnel like path

to finally emerge on a country lane where we spotted the following little Copper Butterfly  (they look better if you click on them)

and these ivy flowers beckoned for my cameras attention before we headed back into the fields

The fields were full of corn so made it impossible to see a view from a low vantage point

Pete soon got around this problem and perched himself on top of a style 

 to look out on this - notice I have used the picture of me taking pictures of the corn and not attempting to steal any as I would not dream of doing that!

 We finally emerged back at the end of the walk out on to this view which was not as peaceful as it looks as just out of shot was a football match in full swing with lots of shouting and swearing.