Friday, 28 November 2008

At last she posts!

Wow that was a big break from blogland by me, the longest one yet. I have started posting more than once and then decided against it, hopefully I will get as far as pressing the publish post button today. I have been visiting HSMSHS daily to have a look but it has been a long time since I felt inspired enough to get my camera out of its bag to actually do a prompt. I am hoping that one day soon the desire to join in will once again return.

We went away last weekend, in the freezing cold up to Center Parcs in the Lake District where we had a great time during our fourth visit. The boys loved it all the more this time because we let them go swimming by themselves. We also played a lot of Badminton which we have decided we all like so are planning to go as a family once a week and hire a court. This will have to wait for a while though as Pete is currently not well at all. He was in bed all day yesterday, he has managed to get up today but has only managed to get as far as lying down on the settee and watching a girly film with me.

His comment at the end? "That was gay".

Those of you that know us or have read my blog for a long time will know that for Pete to actually have a day (let alone two) off work is virtually unheard of. We have contacted the hospital and he is going in next Wednesday for a course of Venifer or Cosmifer (sp?) hopefully it will be the latter as that one is only a day the other is a 3 week course which means he will have to go to the hospital for one or two days every week for that length of time - not ideal especially when he is prone to not feeling good after it.

I'm off to go and subject Pete to another girly film now - who's the lucky boy then!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I had a good 10 hour shift in work on Monday, long but good and then yesterday I went to Mima's to visit her, Sue, Sheena and Rose (I know better than to miss gorgeous Rose out) which was lovely as always. All this means that today I am playing catch up with all the jobs that have been left since before the weekend. So I really, really didn't have time to be making a delicious soup for my lunch but seeing as the word today on HSMSHS is fry I thought "Why Not"! So here are my sweet potatoes, onions and butternut squash frying away a few minutes ago. All the veggies are a bargain in Aldi at the moment I got a HUGE squash for 69p this morning and a large pineapple for the same price which I am going to chunk and freeze ready to plonk into the blender to make smoothies with.
I'll share the recipe and a picture of the finished product on my "Not a Size Zero" blog later when my job list has shrunk a little bit.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Broken Man

Just managed to find the time to dart on and post this before I get ready and head off for a 10 hour shift in work.

This was taken in 2003 just after Pete had been knocked off his push bike. He had a broken shoulder, broken elbow and some broken ribs. Not sure what Kyle is doing at all looks like he thinks he is superman ?!?!
Arrgggghhh I give up - why won't blogger let you space how you want too?

Saturday, 1 November 2008

I would like to thank ....

Suzy for giving me this award.

Its the BFF award (Blogging Friends Forever award). The rules are to pass it to four friends who are regular followers of your blog and live in the same country and unlike Suzy I am going to be a good girl and listen to the rules.

I am going to give this to Mima who I am sure will be my blogging and real life friend forever and also to the lovely Zoe, Rach and Jenga.