Tuesday, 24 June 2008


...I have not been around. Things are hectic round here with work and other bits and bobs so I'm not getting much time to sit around and blog. Here's hoping I will get a bit more time next week. x

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I spent yesterday afternoon with this lovely lady who you can visit here.

Not only did this wonderful friend of mine let me play with her macro lens while I was with her she let me bring it home with me so I can try it out properly over the next week. It was a bit windy outside last night for me to take many pictures but I did manage this shot of a teeny baby apple growing on my tree. I could get addicted to this very quickly!

To fill or absorb with water.

I took this shot a few weeks ago while we were at Buxton he was getting all his bottles out ready to fill them with Natural Buxton Spring Water at the free spring.

Monday, 16 June 2008

A hollow object with the shape of a deep inverted cup.
No actual bells in this part of the world so this pretty flower that lives next to my pond will have to do. Its a Geum rivale (Water Avens) which loves boggy areas and after the flowers are finished is covered with gorgeous round burrs.
I am off to visit Mima this afternoon on my push bike so I am hoping the weather stays as beautiful as it is now as I am hoping to have a play with her Macro lens while I am there to see what it can do and to see just how much I NEED one.
Matt (son No1) went on holiday with school last night and should be in France by now on his way to Paris for the week. I'm just hoping that he comes back in one piece - unlike last year when he went to Germany. They have got instructions to tape him into the bunk bed each night just to make sure he doesn't topple out again but I am sure that he will find another way of injuring himself.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I took this one this afternoon whilst playing with the camera settings.

To stretch out in order to feel or touch something.

To let small drops of liquid fall.
Thought I would just post a few quick catch up pictures while I edit some pictures taken during our geocaching outing earlier today.

Toe update: It stopped oozing liquid yesterday which was a bit of a relief and it is not hurting anymore unless I knock it or push it. The rest of my foot and leg are aching like mad though after a week of doing funny walks!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Brotherly Love

To be captured or help with no way out.

For the same reason as yesterday (and because I can't be bothered) I am cheating and using a picture I took last weekend at Trentham Gardens. Matt was "trapped" inside the beach hut thanks to his little brother.

Typically the weather is no where near as nice today as it was yesterday which doesn't surprise me at all as I am not in work today. Looks like I'll be doing the housework instead of sunbathing then.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Forgive me...

... for not rushing out and taking a new photograph today but walking is a tad difficult this morning. My toe is not hurting at all while I am sat still and I even managed a reasonable nights sleep as it stopped hurting at about 2am without the aid of any tablets too. I swear until that point the only pain I was getting was where the first hole was burnt into my nail and toe. Even when I walk it is not hurting as long as I walk very carefully I'm just not looking forward to having to put shoes on my feet again. I went on the Internet yesterday and ordered myself a pair of steel capped boots which should arrive tomorrow so I will be wearing them everyday (when I am in work) from now on regardless of what I look like. I just had to undo the strapping again this morning and have another look, just to check it's still in one piece you understand, which it is. The 2nd hole is still weeping but less than last night so I am still going to presume that this is normal as anything else means going to see the people in white coats and that ain't happening any time soon, unless of course the toe falls off and then I might go.

Anyway, enough about my manky toe onto my shot for today's prompt which is "track".

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Trip to .....

A&E and for once it wasn't for Pete it was for me after a bit of an accident in work this morning. I normally avoid the electric pallet mover like the plaque but this morning I had to move it to get to what I wanted and managed to reverse it into my big toe - OWWW! Or words to that effect! So I ignored it for a couple of minutes and carried on and then decided I better take my shoe off and have a look to find out that it was bleeding from under the nail and the nail had turned a gorgeous shade of blue/black. This meant that a trip to A&E was in order which is not easy when you suffer from White Coat Syndrome believe me. By the time I got into see them, which wasn't long as I was the only one there (we went to the local infirmary for minor injuries as the wait at the hospital was over 2 hours) I had sweaty palms, shaking hands and felt sick and it was nothing to do with my toe. The nurse very nicely asked if it was alright to burn a hole in my toe nail which bloody hurt and did nothing so he asked for a second opinion and a very nice lady decided to have another go at it which thankfully didn't hurt and did bleed a little bit which released the pressure. They were concerned that it didn't bleed much but wrapped it up and sent me away with instructions to keep checking it and to go back if the nail starts to lift. I just unwrapped it as the boys were desperate to see it and it is still weeping a little bit 4 hours later not sure if this is normal or not but my thinking is that as long as it is doing that the pressure isn't building up under the nail so I've wrapped it back up until tomorrow. I am in work tomorrow but luckily only for four hours so I can stay on the till for that amount of time with no problem and then I am off on Tuesday so it shouldn't mean taking any time off work.
So my SPS and SOS is of my big toe all strapped up I won't put you through looking at the actual manky toe just yet. Do you like the strapping? I did that all by myself just like the nice man nurse showed me.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Blooming Marvellous

Just a quickie from me today as I have lots to do before I go to work. Today's word on HS:MS is "bloom" - Matt may never forgive me for posting this picture but in his defence I did make him do it.

The only other thing that is left for me to share is the answer to the mystery photo the other day - hope you are ready for this.

It was an upside down monkey butt of course not 2 naked ladies or some legs and feet like Jenga and Mima suggested ?!?!! I don't know if I am more worried about them or Pete for taking the picture in the first place.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Long time no blog

I thought I was back last week but obviously I wasn't so I am making no promises today either. Nothing is wrong it's just life getting in the way as it does. Pete is now feeling a lot better, he's not right but he is moving in the right direction. I only have 7 weeks to get him fighting fit ready for Canada and New York so blood tests in the next 2 weeks are in order so that we can get him in for blood or iron before we go. We now have a good idea of what our holiday plans are and I can't wait. We are spending one day in Canada before we fly to New York for 4 nights which will include a helicopter ride over Manhattan (my dream) and a visit to Coney Island (Pete's dream) and then we fly back to Canada where we will be staying in a number of places including Niagara Falls, Parry Sound (lake front cottage), Claremont (nr Toronto) and a tent in the wilderness in the middle of Algonquin Park with bears, moose and wolves potentially roaming around. Pete still thinks we can manage with 2 small suitcases between the four of us but I have a sneaky feeling that, that just won't happen!

Over on HS:MS today the word is "lumpy" so here's mine ....

this was taken on Sunday over at Trentham Gardens while we were doing "Barfus" the barefoot walk.

Here's another picture that Pete (I am having nothing to do with this one) took on the day, bet you can't guess what he is!!