Sunday, 15 June 2008


I took this one this afternoon whilst playing with the camera settings.

To stretch out in order to feel or touch something.

To let small drops of liquid fall.
Thought I would just post a few quick catch up pictures while I edit some pictures taken during our geocaching outing earlier today.

Toe update: It stopped oozing liquid yesterday which was a bit of a relief and it is not hurting anymore unless I knock it or push it. The rest of my foot and leg are aching like mad though after a week of doing funny walks!


Zoe said...

Fab shots, altough swans scare me a bit!

How's the toe? Better I hope. x

Stefi said...

hi, great catchups, Race for life was fab, i was dreading it as done n training (anyone remeber Jade Goody and the London Marathon!) was expecting that kind of humiliation, but it wasn't too bad!!! and me and my friend walked together all the way so we just talked through it!!!

Deanne said...

wow gorgeous shots there, esp the drip, i love that one x

Chris T said...

great photos - love the pic of the swan -really great "drips"

Mima said...

You have got some great shots there, you did confuse me though as I expected to see some of the red stuff!