Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Long time no blog

I thought I was back last week but obviously I wasn't so I am making no promises today either. Nothing is wrong it's just life getting in the way as it does. Pete is now feeling a lot better, he's not right but he is moving in the right direction. I only have 7 weeks to get him fighting fit ready for Canada and New York so blood tests in the next 2 weeks are in order so that we can get him in for blood or iron before we go. We now have a good idea of what our holiday plans are and I can't wait. We are spending one day in Canada before we fly to New York for 4 nights which will include a helicopter ride over Manhattan (my dream) and a visit to Coney Island (Pete's dream) and then we fly back to Canada where we will be staying in a number of places including Niagara Falls, Parry Sound (lake front cottage), Claremont (nr Toronto) and a tent in the wilderness in the middle of Algonquin Park with bears, moose and wolves potentially roaming around. Pete still thinks we can manage with 2 small suitcases between the four of us but I have a sneaky feeling that, that just won't happen!

Over on HS:MS today the word is "lumpy" so here's mine ....

this was taken on Sunday over at Trentham Gardens while we were doing "Barfus" the barefoot walk.

Here's another picture that Pete (I am having nothing to do with this one) took on the day, bet you can't guess what he is!!


Mima said...

I'm so glad to hear that Pete is feeling a little bit better, it must be such a worry, and you really do want him better for when you go away - 7 weeks and counting, not long now. As Rose would say its nearly Christmas already!

I think the very top of Pete's photo is a pair of legs and feet, but I have no idea at all about the rest of it! Can't wait to find out, hope you are going to tell us tomorrow!!

angie said...

Nice lumpy! That is a fab photo. Not sure about the other one though...

Kate said...

The hols sound fab, fingers crossed that Pete is well enough.

I don't think I want to know what that picture us!!

Di said...

Oh I envy you that holiday. I love America and hubby and I want to go to New York next. Glad Pete's feeling better now. Fab lumpy photo but can't figure out for the life of me the other photo?! x

Shannon said...

I like your lumpy. I have a lumpy path on the side of my house. I missed you!

Darcy said...

Great lumpy photo, you must be so excited about the holiday.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Rach :-) Here to catch up :-)

Firstly THANK YOU for the lovely birthday card :-) It will "feature" in a post soon :-) Very thoughtful and very much appreciated. You are so kind :-)

When you have your work dates for next week, and you arrange a day to visit Mima then please let me know and I'll pop along.

Pete is a lot better :-) Yeah! Great news. So pleased I could hug him {{Pete}} from Sue.

7 weeks? Gosh that's come round fast. The plans sound great, though I would pass on the helicopter ride! We took one of our packed medium suitcases inside a larger one, then we had more room for the journey back with our purchases :-) So envious . . . if I could I would be typing in green!

Great bumpy. Looks such good fun too ;-) Tut tut Pete . . . is all I can say!

Scrolling down . . . Sue

Mima said...

Sue is talking about visiting in the week starting Sunday 8th - I am having a weird week, a lot going on, and can only do Mon 9th or Wed 11th, do either of those work for you. I am much clearer the following week if that is easier! Not sure if you have your hours for work yet, but let me know once you know what you are doing.

Zoe said...

Great lumpy shot! Looks like the sort of thing that me (being the clumsy clot I am) would twist my ankle on!! :)

Glad Pete's a bit better


Jenga said...

Glad to hear Pete is on the mend and that your absensce is just "life".

I reckon the picture is an animal nose but at first I saw two naked women from above!!! What would Freud say??? LOL


jeanie oliver said...

HI there,
glad to read that things are going better for Pete. My son lives in New York City. You are going to love the trip I am sure. I'm with one of your other friends here with advise to take an empty suitcase to haul home the goodies.
Salem, Ark, USA

etteY said...

a helicopter ride?!! WOW!! how posh is that?! i am so jealous of you right now!! haha

the second pic looks eerie! :p

have a fab day, Rach :)