Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Trip to .....

A&E and for once it wasn't for Pete it was for me after a bit of an accident in work this morning. I normally avoid the electric pallet mover like the plaque but this morning I had to move it to get to what I wanted and managed to reverse it into my big toe - OWWW! Or words to that effect! So I ignored it for a couple of minutes and carried on and then decided I better take my shoe off and have a look to find out that it was bleeding from under the nail and the nail had turned a gorgeous shade of blue/black. This meant that a trip to A&E was in order which is not easy when you suffer from White Coat Syndrome believe me. By the time I got into see them, which wasn't long as I was the only one there (we went to the local infirmary for minor injuries as the wait at the hospital was over 2 hours) I had sweaty palms, shaking hands and felt sick and it was nothing to do with my toe. The nurse very nicely asked if it was alright to burn a hole in my toe nail which bloody hurt and did nothing so he asked for a second opinion and a very nice lady decided to have another go at it which thankfully didn't hurt and did bleed a little bit which released the pressure. They were concerned that it didn't bleed much but wrapped it up and sent me away with instructions to keep checking it and to go back if the nail starts to lift. I just unwrapped it as the boys were desperate to see it and it is still weeping a little bit 4 hours later not sure if this is normal or not but my thinking is that as long as it is doing that the pressure isn't building up under the nail so I've wrapped it back up until tomorrow. I am in work tomorrow but luckily only for four hours so I can stay on the till for that amount of time with no problem and then I am off on Tuesday so it shouldn't mean taking any time off work.
So my SPS and SOS is of my big toe all strapped up I won't put you through looking at the actual manky toe just yet. Do you like the strapping? I did that all by myself just like the nice man nurse showed me.


Jenga said...

YOWCH!!!!! Poor you!!! Sending little gentle hugs to your toe. That means A LOT from me as I HATE feet!!!!!


JanMary said...


However you deserve an "I've been brave" sticker, and a medal for posting a pic, despite your injury - true dedication!

SuzyB said...

Ooooh poor you!!

Hopefully you have your feet up this evening and are being waited on hand and foot by your boys! xx

Eleanor said...

Awww, but I say, don't you have dainty toes (apart from the big fella that is,and he's allowed to be less pretty cos he's sick) mine are so hideous I'm jealous.
I remember watching nail trepanation as a student. Made me feel ill, never mind the patient.
Hope everyone keeps their distance and doesn't bang it.

Mima said...

Rach, how horrid, I'm glad that they were nice to you at the hospital as I know how much you hate doctors! The strapping is great, I think you can be very proud of yourself for that one!

Thinking of you and sending lots of love (especially to your poor toe).

Shannon said...

OH SWeetheart! Sending you hugs and love!