Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I'm Back .....

...I hope. I am going to really, really try to stay back for as long as I can now as I have missed HS:MS and blogging over the last couple of weeks. Pete has improved over the last couple of days he managed a walk on Monday and work yesterday. Today he is in hospital all day getting his iron fix while keeping company with 90 year old transparent people who try and discuss all of their ailments with him. The iron should kick in pretty quickly so within a few days we should see a huge difference - thank goodness.

I have more time to myself today than I thought I would have thanks to my wonderful Mum. I went to work yesterday leaving the boys on their own for the first time. My Mum came up to check up on them as requested and ended up staying for about 4 hours and doing all my housework while she was here. My wet washing even found it's way to her house for drying and ironing - just how spoilt am I??? So today I only have my craft/work room to sort out and then I can relax doing things I want to do rather than have to do - total bliss.

If it wasn't peeing it down I would go out and photograph some Flora for HS:MS but it is so this picture I took about 2 weeks ago will have to do. One of my favourites, the teeny weeny forget me nots. I just love the way they change colour.

I might even attempt a catch up later. x

S is for ....

.....Son Sitting on a Step on a Sunny Sunday

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Goofy I can do

When I saw today's prompt I knew I could do it so I just had to join in as Pete is settled in front of the TV so no danger to himself (or others).

I took this picture last weekend at Walton Gardens. I asked Kyle to go stand against the tree with the intention of getting a nice thoughtful shot of him. Hmmmm look what I ended up with - Simon Cowell after a lobotomy. Why can't I have a willing model to take pictures of like SuzyB, Maz and Louise, why do I end up with the "goofy" one who won't do anything I ask him to do? It's just not fair.

Pete's feeling a bit better today but that is only because I am not letting him do anything at all, as soon as he does try to do something his heart races like mad so I push him back on to the sofa(gently of course).

I'm off out in a minute to fill up my new baby, I just have to remember to get diesel and not unleaded. Now I have read Shannon's blog I am even unhappier about paying the price for my fuel as in the US they are only paying $3.77 per gallon which is the equivalent of 43p per litre compared to our £1.22. Just shows how we are being totally ripped off over here as from what I can see the last time petrol was that price was 1992 at least.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Since my last post Pete has not been good at all. He came home on Tuesday sick and has been home ever since. You know it is serious when Pete has time off work, even with his long list of ailments and conditions Pete never takes time of work. He started off with a bout of Crone's last weekend which has made his usual severe anemia even worse. He is booked in next week for an iron infusion but we suspect that they will have to give him a blood transfusion or 3 on top of that but there is a problem. The more blood transfusions he has the fewer kidney's he will be able to accept when he needs a transplant so they are only ever given to him as a last resort.

On a happier note a picked up my nice new car today which we bought last Friday by accident (we had no intention of getting one for another couple of years). We both went to Crewe to pick up the car as we both had to sign for different things the unfortunate part was that as we got to the garage Pete's heart started beating far to fast (side effect of anemia) and he thought he was going to die, this meant he started to panic a little bit which in turn exacerbated the heartbeat situation. At this point we were no longer insured on our car but were insured on the new one so we had to carry on into the garage where there was a queue. So after I had a quick word we were rushed to the front of the queue to be processed as quickly as possible. At this point the intention was to grab the car and head for A&E but after about 5 minutes Pete got back to normal and started to feel a lot better so instead we headed for home and had a Chinese takeaway!! Don't ask me I just live here but it's what Pete really wanted and seeing as he hasn't eaten all week and is living off fortijuice, lucozade and the odd jelly baby who am I to argue? He is now feeling a lot better but at the moment he can't do much so I have cancelled my shift at work tomorrow so that I can keep my eye on him and make sure he doesn't have to do anything other than watch TV.
Nearly forgot the car is a black VW Touran Tdi Se and I LOVE it!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Back Next Week...

...hopefully. Things are much too busy round here for me to spend much time blogging this week.
On top of all the hours I am working Pete is not good at the moment which means nothing is getting done at home when I am in work so the little time I have off is spent running round trying to keep the house and garden in order. Here's looking forward to Sunday!

Saturday, 17 May 2008


... you must be kidding there is no grumpy in my space today. The kids are out so again no willing models (not that they are ever willing) and Pete and I are in far to good of a mood to pose for a grumpy shot. I can't even find anything in my archives that is suitable for the shot. I'm off into work again this afternoon but hopefully it will be slow with the cup final and then tomorrow I get a day off - YAY!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Today's word from HS:MS is bashful and mine is a cheat as I have a total lack of willing models in my space today. Again no time for editing and fancy bits so take it as it is.

Rushing off now to get some jobs done as the list is getting bigger and bigger all the time as nothing seems to be getting crossed off the top of it ?!?! Maybe Pete can't read my handwriting ?

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Spare Two Minutes

Well I haven't really got any minutes to spare but I thought I would join in and post today anyway. Sorry it's a naff picture but it's all I had time for. I have gone with Suzies idea for "DOC" and taken a picture of a selection of Pete's daily meds as prescribed by the doc - the injection thingy is only once every 10 days though much to Pete's relief as he is a bit of a wus when it comes to needles. Not had time to edit it at all so you will have to take it as is.
Until next time whenever that may be....

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Shortest Break in The History Of Breaks!

That lasted a long time didn't it!! This is just a very quick post before I do take a break for a while. There is nothing wrong it's just that the little part time job that I wanted is nearer to a full time job at the moment.
We went to Tatton Park today after I had finished in work and we played with this ...

and then we did this ....

I'll see you when I see you.

PS The bed is sooooo comfortable I could stay in it forever and ever.


Not sure for how long. I am hoping to get back intermittently but who knows....

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Look what I made this morning ....

I don't mean I put the covers straight either. I mean I got a hammer and a screw driver and when the rather nice men from Bensons took all the bits upstairs for me I unpacked all the boxes and put the bed together all by my lonesome, working up rather a good sweat in the process. I then realised I could use the shot for yesterdays word "Square" over on HS:MS. You see the space over the headboard Sue? That's the space that is crying out for your idea to fill it.

So now on to today's word of "Dome" for this one I am using a picture taken a couple of weeks back when we were in Buxton.

There are no fancy edges or pretty words on my pictures today as the sun is out and my lily white pins are in desperate need of some rays.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

To NIce to Blog today

Just a very quick one from me today as it is far too nice to waste time on the computer editing pictures and blogging and apart from that the BBQ is nearly done and tea is waiting to be gammed as Pete would say.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Lost Views

We went to Thurstaston on the Wirral yesterday for what we thought would be a nice trip out - Ohh how wrong could we have been. We did want to do some Geocaching which included a walk out to Hilbre Island when the tide was out so I looked up the tides on the Internet and we arrived in time to start walking or so we thought. When we got there the tide was right in so we headed inland and went to Thurstaston for a walk in the gorgeous parky thing there and to have our picnic at the big rock in the middle. As we walked back to the car it started to rain at about the same time we realised we were one person down. For the next hour Pete, Matt and I walked round in circles shouting, screaming and crying for Kyle. We asked every person we met had they seen him and if they did could they direct him to the big rock or if they had a phone they were given my number. One man had seen him walking in the other direction away from the car looking worried and shouting so at least we knew he was OK. This is when I realised that I am totally ignored all of the time as I can't remember how many times I thought I had drilled it into the kids that if they get lost they go back to the last place that they saw us and wait. After over an hour of searching we phoned each other and arranged to meet back at the car to phone the police which is when we got a call from Matt saying that he had found Kyle who was now in floods of tears with relief. The stupid child had decided to beat us back to the car by going a different way and then thought it would be fun to hide so when I checked the car straight away he was nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes he thought he had better come looking for us and then got lost!! Arrrrggghhhh and to think we didn't take the dogs because Twig gets lost and is too much trouble when we are out. Needless to say we didn't find any caches. I did get this naff photo of the view from Hilbre Island though the tiny black dot in the sea is a seal, there were loads of them swimming around.

Today was a bit more relaxing as I volunteered to work as it was double time and I thought if I do this one I won't feel obliged to do the August one as it falls on our Wedding anniversary this year. I'm off now to do some hair removing while watching Dr Who and Flood so if you hear someone screaming that will be me.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Ladybug Love

In the midst of my gardening activities yesterday I spotted this pair on my apple tree so I just had to get a shot.

Not sure what we are going to do today but the provisionally plan is a visit to the Wirral but it's all weather dependent. Looks like tomorrow is going to be the better day but I stupidly volunteered to be in work as it is double time so we won't be able to go out and enjoy it - doh!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

I said I didn't want one...

.....but as usual I was ignored completely and ended up getting a cake anyway. They even put my age on it so I couldn't forget and pretend otherwise.

As for my birthday present from Pete it was one of these....

He wasn't supposed to be getting me anything as the Canon 40d was my early birthday present last month and the Tamron lens was an even earlier birthday present the month before that but he said he couldn't resist getting me one of these as he thought it would be fun to watch me in pain!!! I could be getting very hairy from now on as so far I have only managed to epilate one shin!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Birthday Strings

These are the "strings" that are on my birthday present from Pete which is sat in the Living Room waiting for everyone to be here before I can open it. I was in work early this morning, much to my bosses disgust as apparently I shouldn't have been working at all on my birthday, so I missed seeing Pete and the boys before school so it will just have to wait until this evening. I have opened my cards and Mima has sent me a beautiful handmade card **thanks Mima** and the boys, predictably, got me rude ones.

I got a bit of a shock yesterday when I got home as when I opened my front door I was greeted by 2 goth girls that I have never seen before who were here with Matt. Hannah was sat on the Sofa looking terrified with the Bearded Dragon on her knee. Kyle had apparently dumped it there about 5 minutes before and she didn't dare move - poor kid. The other girl then turned and said "Hi I'm Emily and by the way I have never been out with Matthew" right OK where did that come from, she doth protest too much me thinks!!! Watch this space.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

What a specticale!

I admit it is a bit of a cheat as I didn't take this shot, Pete did, but I am wearing some glasses so it fits in with the prompt of spectacles. Not much else to say really.