Friday, 23 May 2008

Since my last post Pete has not been good at all. He came home on Tuesday sick and has been home ever since. You know it is serious when Pete has time off work, even with his long list of ailments and conditions Pete never takes time of work. He started off with a bout of Crone's last weekend which has made his usual severe anemia even worse. He is booked in next week for an iron infusion but we suspect that they will have to give him a blood transfusion or 3 on top of that but there is a problem. The more blood transfusions he has the fewer kidney's he will be able to accept when he needs a transplant so they are only ever given to him as a last resort.

On a happier note a picked up my nice new car today which we bought last Friday by accident (we had no intention of getting one for another couple of years). We both went to Crewe to pick up the car as we both had to sign for different things the unfortunate part was that as we got to the garage Pete's heart started beating far to fast (side effect of anemia) and he thought he was going to die, this meant he started to panic a little bit which in turn exacerbated the heartbeat situation. At this point we were no longer insured on our car but were insured on the new one so we had to carry on into the garage where there was a queue. So after I had a quick word we were rushed to the front of the queue to be processed as quickly as possible. At this point the intention was to grab the car and head for A&E but after about 5 minutes Pete got back to normal and started to feel a lot better so instead we headed for home and had a Chinese takeaway!! Don't ask me I just live here but it's what Pete really wanted and seeing as he hasn't eaten all week and is living off fortijuice, lucozade and the odd jelly baby who am I to argue? He is now feeling a lot better but at the moment he can't do much so I have cancelled my shift at work tomorrow so that I can keep my eye on him and make sure he doesn't have to do anything other than watch TV.
Nearly forgot the car is a black VW Touran Tdi Se and I LOVE it!


Eleanor said...

Oh bless, you are having a time of it aren't you? I do hope Pete picks up quickly and that next week you get to work better hours, oh and I went and bought the day and the night cream. Love the smell (am funny about moisturiser smells) and so far so good, feeling smooth and no more wrinkly than when I started using it, which can only be good,;).

Sue Nicholson said...

{{hugs}} Rach . . . Speak to you properly soon.

Take care and remember to look after yourself aswell as everyone else

more {{hugs}} Sue

Igotmebabe said...

Hope things pick up for you and Pete soon, your new car sounds great.

SuzyB said...

Aww nooo. Hope Pete starts to feel better soon and you remember to take care of yourself as well as Pete x x

etteY said...

awww Rach! hope things get better.

(((hugs))) to you and pete xx

Jenga said...

Sending loads of love and hugs to you - gentle ones for Pete!! Hope you are all ok.

Love the Goofy shot for today LOL