Saturday, 24 May 2008

Goofy I can do

When I saw today's prompt I knew I could do it so I just had to join in as Pete is settled in front of the TV so no danger to himself (or others).

I took this picture last weekend at Walton Gardens. I asked Kyle to go stand against the tree with the intention of getting a nice thoughtful shot of him. Hmmmm look what I ended up with - Simon Cowell after a lobotomy. Why can't I have a willing model to take pictures of like SuzyB, Maz and Louise, why do I end up with the "goofy" one who won't do anything I ask him to do? It's just not fair.

Pete's feeling a bit better today but that is only because I am not letting him do anything at all, as soon as he does try to do something his heart races like mad so I push him back on to the sofa(gently of course).

I'm off out in a minute to fill up my new baby, I just have to remember to get diesel and not unleaded. Now I have read Shannon's blog I am even unhappier about paying the price for my fuel as in the US they are only paying $3.77 per gallon which is the equivalent of 43p per litre compared to our £1.22. Just shows how we are being totally ripped off over here as from what I can see the last time petrol was that price was 1992 at least.


jeanie oliver said...

Hi there,
sorry to read about your families health problems. It helps to blog. I know as I am the one with the racing heart. Thank goodness for goofy children or I wouldn't have had a challenge photo for today.
Jeanie Oliver
Salem, Arkansas USA

maz said...

AW Rach, you must be so proud of him....! He's looking kinda cute in that pic....hope things get better for your family..more {hugs} from me x

MommyBa said...

lovely shot!!!

Eleanor said...

Hehehe, that's well and truly goofy.
(am watching Simon Cowell as I type - at least Kyle will be back to normal by now, there's no hope for Simon)

Louise said...

Hope your hubby is on the mend. I have a 'willing' volunteer in that I usually end up paying her in some way for posing, tit for tat and all that.

Sue Nicholson said...

LOL :-D What can I say . . . boyz . . . well really that says it all :-D

Seriously, you have a point, Rach the money is flying out of our bank account faster than ever . . . and I am not extravagant, or a big shopper :-( Food is up and petrol is ridiculous, which then puts even more on the food :-(

Ah, well, less of the doom and gloom.

So caught up and so off to iron . . . your Mum isn't available is she? What a star :-)