Tuesday, 29 June 2010


On Saturday, after one of the worst weeks that I can remember for a long time, we decided we were going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a day trip to the beach.  The beach of choice was on Anglesey at Llanddyn Bay, a place we discovered for the first time last year.   On Friday night we got our picnic lunch and picnic tea ready along with everything we wanted to take so that we could start out reasonably early on Saturday morning. After a walk from the car park with all of our belongings on a trolley to save Pete having to carry anything we arrived here.


Where we set ourselves up to sit down and enjoy this amazing view

The next job was to get ourselves creamed up and protected.

Before enjoying the picnic

playing games, notice how I get the broken bat

and going fishing

unfortunately the only thing that Kyle managed to catch was a dead jellyfish which he promptly got stung by more than once.  I had a little bit more luck and managed to catch this.

It was a lovely, relaxing end to a crappy week, just what we needed to get over Gastric Flu.