Monday, 31 March 2008

Don't burst his ....

...bubble. This is a bit of a cheat as it was taken while we were out geocaching a few weeks ago. It's amazing how a little pink tub of bubbles kept this 14 year old boy entertained for ages.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

I'm Walking on Sunshine

And don't it feel good. We've been out Geocaching this morning but I think everyone and his dog had decided to go where we were so we only managed to find one as the others were all surrounded by muggles. The one we found was at the Dairy House Meadow in Northwich which was originally designed to store lime waste, a by product of the soda ash industry. I presume that the lime is the reason that the water is such a vivid colour. **Am I right Dad?** Well anyway this is where I took this picture and this is the actual colour of the water.

The reason I am walking on sunshine? I got my first payslip this week.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Photo Overload

For which I am not apologizing. Yesterday we went to "Go Ape" at Delamere Forest and had an absolute blast, we are suffering a little today with some aches and pains but Hay ho. After we had both been in work Pete and I took the birthday boy and his brother and we did this, first off we had to learn how to use the safety gear.

Then they had to try and persuade me that I was actually enjoying myself despite the strong gusts of wind bending the trees that we were in while I was 30-50ft up the bloody things.

This 12 year old guy had no such problem and threw himself at everything full speed.

Matt was a little more cautious but did throw himself into it, just a little bit slower than Kyle.

Pete just did his ministry of silly walks impression

So I had to join in, see how relaxed I look by this point.

There are 5 stages each one getting harder and higher than the last, this is stage 4, yes it went higher than this.

Coming down is much more fun than going up.

We managed the whole course and 3 of us managed the large tarzan swing where you had to jump from a platform 50ft up in a sort of bungee fashion before you swing across to a cargo net that you catch and climb back up, scary stuff. I know because I was the first one to throw myself off, it wasn't me that chickened out but I won't tell you that it was Matt that was too scared as that would embarrass him. The whole course took us 3 hours and we are now planning to do another Go Ape at Pooles Cavern in Derbyshire very soon, just not on a windy day.

After all the excitement we went home, had a very quick shower and then darted out to Chester to go for a meal to celebrate Kyle's birthday. By the time we got home we were all exhausted but we still found the energy to light these

and eat some of it. This picture will be my SPS for today as I didn't take the ones of us at Go Ape - obviously.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Need I say More?

Up before 6am, work 6.45am, Go Ape for 3 hours (photos tomorrow) and then a meal in Chester at night. My bed is calling me loudly.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Blanketless, Dressless and now cupless ...

... what is the world coming too. I just don't do cups! I have mugs but they are pretty boring ivory coloured ones that don't lend well to being photographed so no shot from me again today. I am obviously not ladylike enough for HS:MS at the moment as I am starting to feel rather inadequate. Hopefully I will be able to join in tomorrow and I will definitely have a SPS on Saturday as we are off to swing about in trees at Delemere Forest tomorrow. Not sure I am looking forward to it as the weather man is saying it is going to get windy. Don't really fancying being stuck 30 foot up a tree scrabbling across a tiny piece of rope or zooming down a huge zip wire in a gale.

Aaa Ha I've just had a brain wave and remembered some cups that I have a picture of.

This was the bra that we saw attached to a fence when we took the dogs for a walk a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


A quick post before I go to work, I'm on 7am - 2pm today. I will do a proper post later. This picture is a bit of a cheat as it was taken a couple of years ago but here is my fly.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Today I am ......

...totally knackered. So for todays prompt of 'Balance' over at HS:MS I am using this photo from last October.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Monkey Business

It's Kyle's 12th birthday on Friday and seeing as we already got him a laptop for his birthday a few weeks ago, when his other one finally went kaput, he has nothing to actually open on the day. As a treat this year he asked if we could all go to "Go Ape" in Delamere Forest so I booked it and told him that they were fully booked and we couldn't possibly get in until at least the May holidays so this will be a complete surprise for him on Friday.

I've done a bit of Hybridizing with the Goin' Bananas kit at Nitwit Collections (thanks to SuzyB) which I knew would be perfect for this. My printer even got some new ink too, about time really as the same cartridges have been sat in it for nearly 2 years now! I can now print out the Hybrid cards I have dabbled with and never actually done anything with.

The printers getting a right work out today. I made this using a Magnolia stamp which I coloured to look like the Liverpool away kit. The football papers are from the Nitwit Collection "Kickin' It" as is the round stamp thingy it had a football in which I digitally removed and changed into a 12.

Sunday, 23 March 2008


I was bloody freezing!! We got up this morning hoping that there would be a layer of snow outside but nope the white stuff had missed us again. From our bedroom window we have a good view of the Derbyshire Hills and, unfortunately for me, eagle eyed Pete spotted that they were covered in white. Don't get me wrong I love the snow, I love skiing, I love walking in it but I hate standing still on top of a hill watching other people sledging while I freeze to death. I do a lot of things but I don't do sledging, not good for my back you see. Traction is one of the things I have done that I am not eager to ever do again.

So Pete rushed up to the attic to grab the sledges while I grabbed socks, gloves, hats, cardigans, coats, more socks, boots and an extra pair of gloves and that was just for me!

We drove here...

Matt did this...

Pete did this ...

And Kyle? Well he did this all the way down....

After this happened about a dozen times ....

....Matt ended up like this

So the sledges went away and the boys just played in the snow. Just look at the rosy cheeks.

It was then time for the boys to be called back to the car

But there was still time for one last snowball

Well done if you lasted this far into the post. I had to make up for the lack of photos this week somehow so these are my SPS and SOS rolled into one!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Still photoless

I'm not doing very well this week at all as I am still photoless, you'd think with my new camera I could be arsed but 'fraid not. We did try to go to Wigan today to see Elle do her walk but we didn't even manage that with one thing and another, sorry Kirsty but we were thinking about you both. All in all a pretty cold and uninspiring day was had here at the Tunbridge household.

Friday, 21 March 2008

I don't do dresses.

We watched "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" last night which was really enjoyed by all and made us all giggle even if it did raise a few interesting questions along the way.

Kyle: What does an axe murderer kill people with?

Us: Well we just couldn't speak for laughing.

As the title suggests I don't do dresses so there is no picture from me again today. I didn't even do a dress on my wedding day so I can't use that photo either and I really can't be bothered to find something else.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Is the world ending today?

Because people are sure shopping like it might. I have never had a morning like this morning before I am just so glad that I now have four days off work. It was a total shopping frenzy, I couldn't even leave when my shift was over, it was that busy. There is no HS:MS photo from me today, but I have excused myself due to all the cardboard box cuts all over my hands and a slight case of can't be arsed. I also have to look up some geocaches in the Wigan area ready for Saturday.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Alternative Tag!

Scott has come up with a list of, shall we say unusual questions to find out more about his online friends so here goes.

1. At what age did you turn 12 years old? Possibly at about 3 years old and then again at about 36

2. If you were an animal...what kind of Human would you like to be? An environmentalist (that's if animals know what they are)

3. What kind of underwear do you suppose Elvis wore? Expandable Orange Chilli Pepper Boxers

4. Have you ever named the voices in your head? I keep asking them their names but they have never obliged so I just say Oi You and one of them tends to answer.

5. Have you ever taken all the free pennies in the little dish next to the cash register just to see what kind of look the cashier will give you? I am that cashier and I can tell you the look would not be good, well not from me anyway.

6. What color best describes your laugh? Purple but on the pinker side rather than the bluer side of the spectrum

7. Do you wake up in the middle of the night screaming out the name "Scott" for no apparent reason? No but I have woken myself up screaming for no reason.

8. Do you like the number 8? Not really I am more a number 2 type of girl as I don't really like the letter e.

9. What song best describes your last bowel movement? A Passing Feeling by Elliot Smith

10. Have you ever tried to untie your belly button? Errrr No my insides would spill out

Cheating Pegs

A total cheat from me today as this is the picture that I used last time we had the word peg.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The post with no title.

This is one of my favourite books, that was my Dad's when he was a child.
Time has run away with me again today but in a nice way as I have spent a lovely afternoon visiting Mima before she goes away on holiday for Easter. I love going round to see her and look forward to it every time as we always end up laughing at something. **Mima** Don't forget to phone your Mum back or the red chair!!!

Monday, 17 March 2008


That is what I am. Unless you want to see the smelly dog blanket with holes chewed in it, which I am sure you don't. I have a bad case of too much to do and not enough time at the moment, I even got up at 5.30 this morning to hang some washing out and do some ironing before I was in work at 7am which helped a little. Now I am off to help Matt with his art homework before I do some more ironing.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bright & Beautiful

This gorgeous creature lives in my Dad's wood (yes he has a wood in his back garden). He just turned up one day from goodness knows where and decided he liked it that much he would call it home.

I've put the second picture up so you can see he is real and does actually move. The colours that you see are his real colours, I promise that other than to crop the pictures I have not edited them in any way.


Saturday, 15 March 2008

Short & Sweet

I've been up since 5.30am and was in work for 7am this morning but then I was back home by 11.15am. I can't believe how much I am enjoying my new job, it's physically exhausting but that I can deal with.

Friday, 14 March 2008

From seeds to giants.

This here is what we started with last week

5 of them were put in miniature pots and plastic bags and placed in here to live with this little guy for a while - don't think Spiky is too impressed with the invasion on his space.

After a couple of days one started to peep out.

But it soon shot up. Want to know what it will be?

Hopefully they will grow up to be as big as this one. I'm just hoping mine doesn't come with a child attached to it.
Just a quick one today as I am finding time management a bit difficult at the moment but I am determined to carry on with this and still visit as many blogs as I can each day.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

I can't wait...

... for the relief that this will bring in a nice hot bath. I feel like I have run a Marathon, not that I know what that feels like, but anyway I am aching a lot. I was up at 5 to 6 this morning and in work for about 10 to 7 for 4 hours of physical torture. I'm not complaining, far from it, this is the reason I applied for the job in the first place, to get me off my lardy arse and moving. I just didn't realise how hard it would be to start with. Muscles I didn't even know I had are screaming complaints at me. It sounds like I may be let loose on the tills tomorrow, as I have been a good girl and done my homework, so I should get to sit down for a little bit which will be a RELIEF. I never really shopped at Aldi before so this afternoon I took a trip down to look around and buy some stuff. I got a HUGE punnet of red seedless grapes for 49p, 6 Braeburns for 49p, 6 large oranges for 49p and a Iceberg lettuce for 49p. I know, I know you are all impressed with how healthy my shopping basket is, well was until I got to the next aisle. I got myself the scrummiest looking cake thingy from the freezer for not a lot, OK, OK I got 3 rather scrummy cake things out of the freezer which I'll show you when we eat them.

A few people have mentioned the font that I am using, it is called Scriptina and I think she is rather lovely.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Scaredy dog

The light is really naff hear this morning but it's not as bad as the wind. I have a dog who is running up and down the house barking constantly because it is scaring him that much. During the night he scratched my kitchen door to death trying to get to us, what a wus. I must admit it is getting pretty scary at the moment as some of those gusts are pretty strong.

So with naff lighting and no time to set up anything better this is my offering for today. I'm not in work until 4pm today but I finish at 8pm so it's not too bad. I have a load of numbers, for the fruit and veg without bar codes, I have to learn before they let me on the tills so I am making myself some flash cards to help me - what fun I'll be having today!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Girl's First Day

I got up very early this morning as a result of not being able to sleep and repacked Kyle's suitcase ready for his residential activity week away with school. I was organised last night and it was all packed and at the front door but at the last minute Kyle changed his mind about the trousers he was going in and the ones he wanted were at the bottom of the case - typical!
Pete needed running into work and then the boys needed running into school as a suitcase, quilt and pillowcase would not really work on a public bus with a weedy little 11 year old yanking them along.
After I had ironed my Uniform I went off out to work for the first time in nearly 15 years. Today I have learnt how to use a forklift thingy me bob and a motorised forklift thingy me bob that ran away with me at one point.. I can now open a delivery door, use the cleaning thingy and use the rather cool cardboard baling machine. Will tested the fire alarm so that I knew what it sounded like and asked me to press mute and then reset twice, which I duly did whilst stood under the heater at the front doors. After the 8th time of doing this I got a bit concerned as he did say he would only set it off twice, after the 15th time he came running down the store to tell me the alarm was broken and could I just keep pressing the buttons when it went off. I am just hoping that this isn't Karma trying to tell me or him anything. For the next 4 weeks I will be in at all different times so I can see how the store works throughout the day.
Now I could lie and say that I have been that busy I haven't had time for HS:MS today but if I'm being honest I really couldn't think of anything for flood so I have passed on this one.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Tickets Up?

This was the first ticket that came to hand this morning as all the others are in a box in the attic along with a receipt from a meal in 1980, tube tickets from 1978 and many other bits that I should really throw away but I know I never will. It's my last day before I start work so I have loads of things to do and scrabbling about in the attic isn't one of them so this ticket is it! I am hoping to carry on doing HS:MS every day but I suppose time will tell on that one.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Are you ready for this?

I bet you can't guess what I've been playing with this morning!! Sorry about the large post but I just can't help myself.

We took the dogs here this morning for a walk as there are 2 Geocaches hidden nearby.
Looks like someone has had some fun here - can't say that it looks comfy though.

We wound our way through the woods and found the spot for the first cache so Pete was sent in. I couldn't possibly do it - I have a camera you know.

After a bit of a search and no luck we carried on to the Whitegate Way to continue the walk.

Where we actually found the next cache - Hurray!

Matt also found some golf balls along the way as we were near to a golf course.

So he played with his balls in the sun.

By this stage everyone, but me, was getting bored of my new camera.

Just look at the colour of that hand.

The lower half didn't fair much better.

Has anyone lost an undergarment?
We are off out again this afternoon and guess what I will be doing - again.