Monday, 3 March 2008

It's too early to think of a title

Yesterday I completely forgot to mention what my wonderful offspring got for me on Mother's Day. Firstly, I actually got a cup of tea in bed they would have brought breakfast for me too but I don't do breakfast especially when they are making it. With the cup of tea I got this gem of a bag from them which is just perfect for keeping in my handbag.
I hate plastic bags with a passion, our house must be one of the only houses in the country that has NO plastic bags in it - not anywhere so this little beauty is the perfect gift for me when I go clothes shopping.
Kyle got me some smellies which are gorgeous, the bubble bath is thick and lush and looks just like raspberry sauce. At a guess these will have been on offer somewhere as Kyle is not easily parted from his money.

Matt, bless him, got me these flowers. Now I am not really a flower person but I LOVE white lillies, on Friday Matt went to school with some of his pocket money and before he got the bus home he visited the florists and got me these gorgeous blooms. Unfortunately for him he didn't have enough pennies with him so Grandma got a phone call saying "Can you come and pick me up and can you bring your purse please" so a big thank you has to go to my Mum as well as Matt.


etteY said...

awwwwwwww sweet!! Happy Mother's Day!

love your weekend photos! and the cards are great! :)

Jenga said...

awwwwwwwwww I hope my boys grow up as sweet to their mummy :D Hope you ahd a fab day xxx

Mima said...

Bless them, it must have made the day really special. The photo of the lilies is great.

I like the copyright logo too!

Mima said...

Completely forgot to check my comments before I came over to visit - I was eager to see what you had been up too! Thursday sounds great and thanks for the RTC explanation!

Zoe said...

Lovely pressies! I hate plastic bags too and have just ordered myself a couple of turtle bags to shove in my pocket x