Thursday, 20 March 2008

Is the world ending today?

Because people are sure shopping like it might. I have never had a morning like this morning before I am just so glad that I now have four days off work. It was a total shopping frenzy, I couldn't even leave when my shift was over, it was that busy. There is no HS:MS photo from me today, but I have excused myself due to all the cardboard box cuts all over my hands and a slight case of can't be arsed. I also have to look up some geocaches in the Wigan area ready for Saturday.


Mima said...

Rose would sure agree with you about the shopping frenzy, don't people realise that the shops are going to be there next week, she always laughs about Fridays in town! Sorry to hear that it was a rough shift, but yeeeha the whole weekend off!!

Casdok said...

Our shops dont close and yet people act as though as you say its the end of the world!

Scott Booker said...

4 days off!! WOW!! That is great. ENJOY THEM!!

And aren't cardboard cuts the worst!! They hurt so much more than regular paper-cuts.

Enjoy those caches on Saturday! We hit some caches last night ourselves!!!

Bobs said...

DH and were in tesco this morning and it was the same there. Do these people not realise that the shops don't actually close??? (Well, they don't close up here at any rate)

Hope your cardboard cuts aren't too painful and good luck with the geocaches. :)