Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Girl's First Day

I got up very early this morning as a result of not being able to sleep and repacked Kyle's suitcase ready for his residential activity week away with school. I was organised last night and it was all packed and at the front door but at the last minute Kyle changed his mind about the trousers he was going in and the ones he wanted were at the bottom of the case - typical!
Pete needed running into work and then the boys needed running into school as a suitcase, quilt and pillowcase would not really work on a public bus with a weedy little 11 year old yanking them along.
After I had ironed my Uniform I went off out to work for the first time in nearly 15 years. Today I have learnt how to use a forklift thingy me bob and a motorised forklift thingy me bob that ran away with me at one point.. I can now open a delivery door, use the cleaning thingy and use the rather cool cardboard baling machine. Will tested the fire alarm so that I knew what it sounded like and asked me to press mute and then reset twice, which I duly did whilst stood under the heater at the front doors. After the 8th time of doing this I got a bit concerned as he did say he would only set it off twice, after the 15th time he came running down the store to tell me the alarm was broken and could I just keep pressing the buttons when it went off. I am just hoping that this isn't Karma trying to tell me or him anything. For the next 4 weeks I will be in at all different times so I can see how the store works throughout the day.
Now I could lie and say that I have been that busy I haven't had time for HS:MS today but if I'm being honest I really couldn't think of anything for flood so I have passed on this one.


Scott Booker said...

Very proud of you! Those Thingy me bobs are not easy to use!! Good job!!

Hope you get the shift you want!!!

So is your manager God's Will?? :)

SuzyB said...

Helloooooooooooooooo! Ive missed you but Im back checking up on you!

Your photos with you new baby are awesome and Im sooooo jealous you wouldnt believe.

You're also a saucy women, you and your innuendos ;o)

Hurrah on a good first day, hope you gave yourself cookies and milk when you got home :o) xx

SuzyB said...

Ah, ye olde faithful flapjack, now where would we be without flapjack!

Mima said...

Really pleased to hear that all went well, we have been thinking about you today. The forklift truck on your first day, that is really impressive, who is a clever girl then!! Sorry to hear about the alarm, did it get fixed, how long were you stuck there for pushing the button for???

Just really happy that it all went well - heard from Bel & hers went well too, but she has picked up a tummy bug, really bad timing, so is struggling a bit with that!

maz said...

Forklift truck! I am so jealous, always wanted to drive one... once wrote to Jim'll fix it years ago to ask if I could drive a tank through a plate glass window.... unfortunately he said no....

Jenga said...

Congrats on a great first day :) Doing a happy dance or two for you :) Ok I'm not - I'm on the couch blog hopping, but in my head I am doing a cheerleader style "gimme an R, gimme an A, gimme a C, gimme an H" type thingy :)

So you didn't notice the dim mistake on my blog today???

Sue Nicholson said...

Fabulous :-) So pleased the first day is now over and done with :-)

You will be surprised at just how confident you actually will be. Don't forget you have had children . . . and you can do anything if you get through that :-D

I'd want to get the early shift too. Like you say "out of the way" then you can enjoy the rest of the day :-)