Sunday, 9 March 2008

Are you ready for this?

I bet you can't guess what I've been playing with this morning!! Sorry about the large post but I just can't help myself.

We took the dogs here this morning for a walk as there are 2 Geocaches hidden nearby.
Looks like someone has had some fun here - can't say that it looks comfy though.

We wound our way through the woods and found the spot for the first cache so Pete was sent in. I couldn't possibly do it - I have a camera you know.

After a bit of a search and no luck we carried on to the Whitegate Way to continue the walk.

Where we actually found the next cache - Hurray!

Matt also found some golf balls along the way as we were near to a golf course.

So he played with his balls in the sun.

By this stage everyone, but me, was getting bored of my new camera.

Just look at the colour of that hand.

The lower half didn't fair much better.

Has anyone lost an undergarment?
We are off out again this afternoon and guess what I will be doing - again.


Diana said...

LOL Rachael. Hope you are well and can see you are enjoying that camera. It's good to chat again
Love Di

Mima said...

Show off Sunday is the ideal excuse, and glad to see that you have been enjoying the new camera! And what wonderful weather to do it in, I hope that it holds for you this afternoon as it seems to be threatening to rain right now.

My definite favs are the ones of Matt and the golf balls, but I am not surprised that they got fed up eventually, I am just surprised that you get them to stay smiley for as many as you do!

I had to LOL at the bummer thing, there is nothing wrong with a sense of humour, you have to find something to laugh at! Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ....

Bambi said...

LOL ... what great photos! you can make up a story with those "finds"

Jenga said...

LOL what kind of place did you go to today!!!! Looks FUN ;) ;) ;)

etteY said...

haha great photos! and wow i love your new baby! I've been dreaming to have one of that, hmmm...someday!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh fab, what great photos!!!
love Alison x

Sue Nicholson said...

Just catching up :-)

Fabulous photos rach and a great "commentary" too. LOL :-D At the balls!

Bra looks far too small to be mine ;-D


Scott Booker said...

You could publish your own little Photography book for geocachers! I know I would buy it!!