Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Alternative Tag!

Scott has come up with a list of, shall we say unusual questions to find out more about his online friends so here goes.

1. At what age did you turn 12 years old? Possibly at about 3 years old and then again at about 36

2. If you were an animal...what kind of Human would you like to be? An environmentalist (that's if animals know what they are)

3. What kind of underwear do you suppose Elvis wore? Expandable Orange Chilli Pepper Boxers

4. Have you ever named the voices in your head? I keep asking them their names but they have never obliged so I just say Oi You and one of them tends to answer.

5. Have you ever taken all the free pennies in the little dish next to the cash register just to see what kind of look the cashier will give you? I am that cashier and I can tell you the look would not be good, well not from me anyway.

6. What color best describes your laugh? Purple but on the pinker side rather than the bluer side of the spectrum

7. Do you wake up in the middle of the night screaming out the name "Scott" for no apparent reason? No but I have woken myself up screaming for no reason.

8. Do you like the number 8? Not really I am more a number 2 type of girl as I don't really like the letter e.

9. What song best describes your last bowel movement? A Passing Feeling by Elliot Smith

10. Have you ever tried to untie your belly button? Errrr No my insides would spill out


Mima said...

They really are "unusual"!

Scott Booker said...

LOL at Mima calling them unusual!! LOL!!

I loved your answers!!! Of course that image of Elvis will never leave me now!!!

And I will never take all of those pennies! Dont want to get one of those looks from you! ; )

Love the song choice for #9 also! LOL

SuzyB said...

Hmmm is all I can think to say for that one. I do like your choice of poo song though :o)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hi hun - the evnt takes place at 10.30 at the three sisters recetaion park. we meet by the lake and then our house afters for tea and coyk (deffo no size zero effect and some of it is wheat free!)

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh! Love these :-) Can I do 'em . . . please :-)