Saturday, 1 March 2008

No picture today.

I did plan to do a self portrait today but my idea fell through so then I couldn't be arsed. I had to go into work this morning (how weird does that feel) for my induction which was basically a lot of form filling in and to get my uniform and name badge. So my picture was going to be me holding my name badge in front of me with great DOF so that I was all fuzzy in the background, lots of thought went into it I promise. When I got to work (still feels weird) the uniform was there but no badge and I am NOT taking my picture in a uniform as I look like I'm going to a school reunion so no SPS picture from me today. I also got my first weeks work hours and I start at 7am on 2 of the days, 7AM how the hell am I going to manage that? Talk about a shock to the system! On the plus side my shifts are only 4 hour ones so I will be home just after 11am which is brilliant.

Instead of my Self portrait I will share this card I made yesterday, she's wearing my wellies so it is sort of an SPS.
Sugar Nellie Stamp, Two Scoops paper by Basic Grey, Scrap bits of fibre and card stock.

I have to wind up now I am being called as I am required to go and watch Die Hard 4.0 - don't you all wish that you lived in a house full of men like me. I think my laptop could be coming out in a minute so that I can sit in the corner and play whilst still looking suitably interested and impressed by good old Bruce.


Zoe said...

7am! don't envy that - the OH shifts often start then too so he's full of sympathy for you! Can't wait to see the uniform! x

Jenga said...

eeek 7am :o good luck with that!!! xxx

Bambi said...

lol ... nice card (^_^)

Mima said...

That's a very, very early start, but 11 am still gives you the rest of the day which is really nice. Can't wait to hear how the card went down.

For next week, Tues, Weds & Thurs are great, I am hoping that Bel will be around tomorrow, but I have no idea when - Bel is not a planner!!!

Eleanor said...

Love those card corners. I might have to copy them. And that paper is rather jolly nice.

Sue Nicholson said...

OMG 7am . . . guess you won't be putting any make up on then!! :-)

Well done you. And good luck too :-)

Lovin the card, did when I saw it in the flesh ;-)

Just got a surprise invite to the cinema so off now to see Jack Black . . . Oh No . . . another Jack BUT this time not a captain!

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)