Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lethargic Nude Bar

I had a bit of a debate with myself about which jar should I use the flowers, brads, eyelets, buttons or ribbons but I eventually decided to use the buttons for HS:MS.
After Sue's post yesterday I checked out what my name is as an anagram and it gave me a great choice. 1. Bacterial Drug Hen 2. Lethargic Nude Bar or 3. A Larger Nude Bitch Mmm now which one should I go with.

I made this card last night for my Mum to send to her God Daughter next week. It was taken early this morning so the lighting is really naff but you get the idea. I used Basic Grey and Chatterbox papers, made my own chipboard hearts with a Sizzix die, printed the message myself and used a swirly stamp set that has sat in a drawer for over 6 months without being used.

Right I best go and get on with it as I have to pick the boys up from school early today as it's shutting for Year 11 mentoring - great.


Kate said...

If it produces nicknames like that I think its a link you could live without!

You say boys are trouble but believe me girlies are just as bad (if not worse!)

JanMary said...

Lovely jar, and excellent names.

Mima said...

The jar is a great photo, love the angle, and you have got the focus dead on, I am guessing that it was taken with the new lens!

Bambi said...

very nice jar shot!

pokettiger said...

Interesting fluff from yesterday. Like the button jar. I was intrigued by the anagram name game so gave it a go. All of my names either started with Chemical, Chimeric or Hellfire...hmmmm not sounding too good.

Jenga said...

ROFLMAO !!! Love that last one LOL


oh nice jar too ;)

Darcy said...

oooooo buttons, another favourite of mine,can't resist them. Great shot.

etteY said...

great angle there Rach! love the presentation too! :D

Fese said...

Lovely jar and great shot. What new lens did you end up getting? I'm a child of Nikon, but have 2 friends who have sided with Canon. We're always interested in new lenses.