Monday, 5 May 2008

Lost Views

We went to Thurstaston on the Wirral yesterday for what we thought would be a nice trip out - Ohh how wrong could we have been. We did want to do some Geocaching which included a walk out to Hilbre Island when the tide was out so I looked up the tides on the Internet and we arrived in time to start walking or so we thought. When we got there the tide was right in so we headed inland and went to Thurstaston for a walk in the gorgeous parky thing there and to have our picnic at the big rock in the middle. As we walked back to the car it started to rain at about the same time we realised we were one person down. For the next hour Pete, Matt and I walked round in circles shouting, screaming and crying for Kyle. We asked every person we met had they seen him and if they did could they direct him to the big rock or if they had a phone they were given my number. One man had seen him walking in the other direction away from the car looking worried and shouting so at least we knew he was OK. This is when I realised that I am totally ignored all of the time as I can't remember how many times I thought I had drilled it into the kids that if they get lost they go back to the last place that they saw us and wait. After over an hour of searching we phoned each other and arranged to meet back at the car to phone the police which is when we got a call from Matt saying that he had found Kyle who was now in floods of tears with relief. The stupid child had decided to beat us back to the car by going a different way and then thought it would be fun to hide so when I checked the car straight away he was nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes he thought he had better come looking for us and then got lost!! Arrrrggghhhh and to think we didn't take the dogs because Twig gets lost and is too much trouble when we are out. Needless to say we didn't find any caches. I did get this naff photo of the view from Hilbre Island though the tiny black dot in the sea is a seal, there were loads of them swimming around.

Today was a bit more relaxing as I volunteered to work as it was double time and I thought if I do this one I won't feel obliged to do the August one as it falls on our Wedding anniversary this year. I'm off now to do some hair removing while watching Dr Who and Flood so if you hear someone screaming that will be me.


Louise said...

poor you, hope you've managed to calm down now. That stomach churning moment is awful when you think you realise you are missing a child, I only experienced it once when dd was about 2 she decided to play hide and seek in a big sports store. Even though I new she was somewhere really close I was freaked. she was found after just a few minutes, God only knows what an hour felt like.

SuzyB said...

OMG how awful for you! That is my one huge worst fear, losing either of mine somewhere, just brings me out in a cold sweat thinking about it. Glad to hear he was safe and sound.

On a brighter note, LOVE your ladybug lovin' LOL!

Di said...

Oh I've been in that situation and it's terrifying. *hugs* Glad it all ended ok though. Great pic.. wonderful view for sure! x

Hazel said...

What a scare you must have had. Btw, not a naff view!

Jenga said...

OMG!!! I hope you all calmed down once the relief set in!!! Stoopid boys eh??? I have all that to look forward to :|

Sue Nicholson said...

Well, of course I heard all about this in person. Little "bugger".

Oh . . . errr . . . Dr Who tonight . . . daughter . . . no! And please why don't I like her already?