Friday, 6 June 2008

Blooming Marvellous

Just a quickie from me today as I have lots to do before I go to work. Today's word on HS:MS is "bloom" - Matt may never forgive me for posting this picture but in his defence I did make him do it.

The only other thing that is left for me to share is the answer to the mystery photo the other day - hope you are ready for this.

It was an upside down monkey butt of course not 2 naked ladies or some legs and feet like Jenga and Mima suggested ?!?!! I don't know if I am more worried about them or Pete for taking the picture in the first place.


etteY said...

great shot! he made me chuckle ;))

oh look his butt has calluses! i bet its really hard! LOL!! have a fab weekend,Rach!!


Kate said...

I knew I didn't want to know what that picture was!!!!

Bambi said...

lol ... monkey butt =P

Mima said...

Love the one of Matt, did you tell him that you were posting it, or are you hoping that he won't find out?? As for the monkey butt - euw, horrid, but great picture to guess on!

Zoe said...

Monkey butt!!? Should've recognised it after Longleat last week!!

Nice bloom shot x

Stefi said...

great shot!!! i thought it was a monkeys bum, but at the same time didn't think i wanted to find out!!!

Jenga said...

Well I got the naked bit right LOL

Great blackmail shot ;) ;)