Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I spent yesterday afternoon with this lovely lady who you can visit here.

Not only did this wonderful friend of mine let me play with her macro lens while I was with her she let me bring it home with me so I can try it out properly over the next week. It was a bit windy outside last night for me to take many pictures but I did manage this shot of a teeny baby apple growing on my tree. I could get addicted to this very quickly!

To fill or absorb with water.

I took this shot a few weeks ago while we were at Buxton he was getting all his bottles out ready to fill them with Natural Buxton Spring Water at the free spring.


Mima said...

Rach - love them both. Its a good one of me (I have already showed it to my Mum!!) and your apple is just lovely, you have got the dof just right, but you will have great fun playing with dof to see what you can get - well worth the effort!

Have fun with it!!

Igotmebabe said...

Great hydrate shot and love the macro, have fun with the lens, she is a nice friend :)

Di said...

Wow, Rach just gorgeous photos. Beautiful. That one of mima is just lovely! x

etteY said...

great macro shot!! i love it! so sweet of your friend Mima :) gorgeous photo of her too ^_^

Shannon said...

Mima is such a great lady! I am getting a new camera and it will have new lens! Can't wait. Glad you had a lovely visit!
I like the second shot and I want to use it as my desktop, PLEASE!
Great hydrate shot.

Zoe said...

Gorgeous shot of Mima and of you on hers!

Fantastic apple shot - making me so jealous!


Bobs said...
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Bobs said...

Oh, I soooooo want a Macro lens. If and when I ever reach my target weight, I've told my DH that I want a Macro lens as my reward. He was told this way back in March, so he can be prepared. Mind you, I might never reach my target, so he might never have to buy the lens for me! lol

Fab shots of Mima and the apple too!

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh you clever, clever, girl :-) Really super shots :-)

Right, I am actually in a position now to commit to seeing Mima so we must see if their is a date soon. She is fabulous isn't she? I love her to bits :-)

And, your holidays, about three weeks to go? Maybe four, can't imagine it's any more. Oh, you so deserve this holiday :-)

Sue :-)