Monday, 3 November 2008

Broken Man

Just managed to find the time to dart on and post this before I get ready and head off for a 10 hour shift in work.

This was taken in 2003 just after Pete had been knocked off his push bike. He had a broken shoulder, broken elbow and some broken ribs. Not sure what Kyle is doing at all looks like he thinks he is superman ?!?!
Arrgggghhh I give up - why won't blogger let you space how you want too?


Bobs said...

Poor Pete!

Isn't it amazing the difference a few years can make to the kids? They look so grown-up now, compared to then.

Hope you survive the 10-hour shift! Yikes!


Diana said...

That is seriously broken!

SuzyB said...

Dont be telling porkies about it being a bike accident, I bet it was one of them falling off the top of the wardrobe, swinging on the chandelier moments ;o)

Mima said...

Pete got himself really bashed up, can't believe that he broke all of that and was out walking with you and the kids! No hugs for a bit with broken ribs I would imagine!!!

Matt & Kyle look so young, but I think that Matt has changed more than Kyle, maybe Kyle will change more over the next couple of years?

Hope that your shift has gone ok, and that it wasn't too painful. Can't wait to hear an update tomorrow on everything that has been going on.

Igotmebabe said...

A lot of broken bones ouch and a great shot

Cheyne said...

Ouch! Good shot!

maz said...

Youch! He looks like a very bwave boy ;)