Friday, 15 January 2010


This is my second attempt at this post as I was a day ahead of myself with the letters and did it yesterday! DoH!

We bought one of these a couple of weeks back in the sales for all of us to use. On Wednesday night Matt managed 1hr 20 mins on it which really impressed me even when he informed me that he had rigged up the XBox to the TV in the spare room so he could play and exercise at the same time. I am going to claim this for one of my "B's" as I have (B)iked for 15 minutes this morning on the very lowest setting now all I have to do is wait and see what my knee is like later on today if it's OK I will go up and setting and do 5 minutes tomorrow. The GP had said that going on the bike was a good idea to strengthen the muscles around the damaged knee so who am I to argue.

Yesterday morning I have sorted out all the (B)edding into piles and cleared space in my wardrobe to store it all neatly. I have been intending to take the bedding out of the boys wardrobes and store it all together in one place for ages but never got round to it. As the boys have more & more sleepovers I need to have it all easily accessible and close to the spare duvets and pillows which saves me running around hunting in every room to find all the bits I need.

(B)logging daily for at least the next 2 weeks is also on my list of B's but I am not holding my breathe for that one!


Steph said...

Great B's. i've found a few today and even taken real pictures of them i need to steal less from the t'interweb!!!!

hope the knee is holding out!!! xx

Mandy Stapleton said...

Look forward to your blogging!

Good luck with the bike and your knee. xox