Monday, 14 January 2008

Hey You Is there anybody out there?

Today's prompt at HS:MS is CD. Now we don't have CD's as all our music is in the format of MP3's and fills up 2 hard drives. After hunting around for a bit I did find this stray CD of mine that was hidden on a shelf in between computer games, Wii games, PS Games, DVD's and backup discs - doh! I could have used one of them!

I am tending the poorly again today as Kyle was coughing for most of last night and it made him icky too. Seeing as he was sent home from school early on Friday for pewking in the teachers bin I thought it best to keep him here today. He was well enough over the weekend to come geocaching with us, we found 7, and play a game of feed the swans imaginary bread and see how much it hurts, strange.

The final picture is of one of the annoyed and confused swans that I am going to use for "White" in my 50 winter pictures challenge and as the catch up for the white I missed with HS:MS at the beginning of January.

Mima has given me this award **thanks Mima**.

I have to pass it on to two people so the first is going to be SuzyB, even though she called me a COW at the weekend, I know I didn't believe it either, talk about lowering the tone of blogland. The other shall go to Chris because she always says such nice things and would never dream of using the word COW!

PS Suzy you are forgiven but I will never forget!!! LOL


SuzyB said...


I feel bad now.

Thank you for the award though. Would it have been better to call you a lucky mare? No?


Smashing photies Rach and get you professional cacher you!


Louise Woolford. said...

Great photos, I quite like pink floyd, love the swan photo.

Marie said...

Great photos. Aren't you glad you had to go looking now though, because you get to listen to The Wall - and that can only be good :) (Gotta love a bit of Pink Floyd on a grey day). love M

Mima said...

Particularly like the photo of the boys, and oh how I am itching to go geocaching again! Lets hope for some better days again this summer and some adventures!!

Jen said...

great pics! michael loves pink flooyd, i'm not really a fan lol! love the swan

SuzyB said...

Oh but now I feel bad that you bad bad because I feel bad.

Actually no, I dont, mmmmwhahahahaha!


angie said...

Love that Pink Floyd photo....not so show about ths music on it though!! :oD

Darcy said...

great pics, love the swan he does not look in the least amused LOL

Di said...

Oooh sorry about you having to tend to the sick. I remember those days well...poorly little ones.

Love the photo and fab album. It's funny as we also have most of music in mp3/digital format now but still play our cd's in the office. Strange. Only use digital format when I'm playing my iPod.

sharon said...

Can't say I really listen to Pink Floyd...all fab the two boys being mean..xx

mil lunares said...

I like the combination of CD and background (cover) exellent!

Shannon said...

Hold on to your knickers girly! I have never listened to Pink Flyod! Nope never. Couldn't name one song!! Crazy I know~
I love your pics today and really liking the swan.

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Cool cd!

Great shot of the swan too.

Louise said...

awwwwww, Suzy called you a cow.... good job she is so funny or we could take offence...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL...fancy Suz calling you that name...I wouldn't dream!!! especially after you give me this nice award LOL
Loving the cd pic... isn't it awful when you think of something else AFTER you take your photo ;-0

Anonymous said...

My son has all his music on MP3s as well, but asked for CDs for his birthday so he can have a backup! It's a great shot!

etteY said...

I love MP3's you can just stuck it all up in your ipod or mp3 player and voila... music anytime you want wherever you want hhehe! lovely swan pic and cute meanie boys! :P love your cd pic too! :D