Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Never, Ever Again

After 18 years of being together I really should know better than to listen to one of Pete's "great" ideas. But no last night I had to listen to him and even go along with him. So in the pitch black on New Years Night we got togged out with warm clothes, torches and our GPS and went geo-caching. We managed to find 2 caches, a scratched hand, a bashed shin, a huge puddle which resulted in a soaking wet sock and trainer, a terrified son and a large, muddy, slippy slope - I'll leave the result of that to your imagination! It would help if our wonderful children had the first idea about how to use a torch and that it is better if you shine them at the ground rather than in your parents faces at every opportunity. It would also help if the GPS would switch on quickly as that would prevent us from doing a mile round walk across the said muddy slopes, through woods and brambles and across ditches to find out that we had parked the car 20 feet away from the bloody cache in the first place. So from now on Pete's night time activities are going to be seriously curtailed.

I must add here that it was actually great fun - but I still won't be doing it again at night.


SuzyB said...

LOL looks like you had a great time! Am determined to start our caching this weekend, weather permitting!

Mima said...

What fun, but I can understand never again at night, they can be hard enough in daylight let alone in the dark! My carer and I started off travel bugs that are trying to make it to Cayman for a cocktail on the beach, and mine has got as far as the States! Someone picked it up to move it again this week.

Eleanor said...

Ahem. Having started at the top of your blog and worked down, I happen to know that those infamous words
"but I still won't be doing it again at night" didn't last long. LOL.
Still haven't been out with ours. But hopeful for this week.