Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hand Grenades and Hearts

Every day I look round other peoples blogs and see them showing off something that there child has created. One day it can be a beautiful rainbow covered coaster another day pretty fairy cakes covered in sprinkles or even a pretty picture, I always look longingly at them remembering the days when my two boys bought presents home from school for me and hoping that one day, one of my children will once again bring me home something pretty that I can treasure. Well yesterday that day came and I need wait no longer as Matt (14) has fulfilled my wish as he bought me home a beautiful cake in the shape of (are you ready for this) a hand grenade !! I am reliably informed, by him, that it is in actual fact a Green Day Heart grenade, I think that is supposed to make it better somehow. Then he goes on to tell me that everyone else made Spongebob, Rainbow, Flower and Heart cakes to take home so now I am left wondering where I went wrong. To be honest though I do think it shows a certain level of ingenuity and creativity.
Edited to Add : I haven't tasted the cake and won't be - a moment on the lips and all that.

I had a lovely couple of hours round at Mima's house yesterday with her and Sue, something that we are planning to do again very soon. Sue is a lovely lady, lady being the operative word as she uses a glass with her diet coke, Mima and I just glug it down out of the can, common as muck we are.

On to the reason for the post the word at HS:MS today is tube so I am going to go for the obvious and the boring and show you our toothpaste.

We have a great collection of Canadian toothpaste in our bathroom as everyone likes a different one. Here we have Orange, Lemon and Vanilla Mint which Pete used this morning and when I kissed him he was delish so that one is highly recommended. We bought a bag full home with us a few years ago and my Aunt has kept us well supplied ever since.


etteY said...

Now that's a lovely cake!!! Isn't he the sweetest?? Very original, love it!

great tubes too... never tried vanilla mint tho! :)

Mima said...

It was wonderful to see you yesterday, and the photo is up if you want a peek - not one of my best, but recorded for posterity!

Its when you see things like that many flavours of toothpaste that you realise what we are missing out on here!

The cake looks good, how did it taste, were you allowed to eat it or was it too precious??!

Louise Woolford. said...
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Louise Woolford. said...

Had to delete an re-post my spelling is terrible today.

WOW that cake is fab, well done your lad, I think its quite cool how he didn't copy everyone else and used his own imagination. Those toothpastes look so cool, dunno if its something we've eaten that I did the same, all I know is since starting 'my new me' everytime I feel the urge to nibble I go brush my teeth, then they feel all nice and clean and I dont want to eat lol. how was the WW caramel thingy?

Bambi said...

lol on the cake! first i thought it was a strawberry, then the body looked like it was a heart but couldn't quite think of what that white oval was. good job!
for the tubes, do you switch between flavors everyday?

JanMary said...

First time participating in her space : my space. Great shot - not so sure on those flavours though!

Louise said...

I love your grenade cake... how cool is that!!!
I never even thought of toothpaste... my first thoughts were smarties...LOL!!!

Shannon said...

Oh, I love crest expressions. I like they way my mouth feels alive.
I caught the fairy cakes
Glad you had a great time with Sue.
I love the cake! Is it red velvet? that would just be the kicker if it was.

Shannon said...

They are called Valtrompia Bread Tube, got them through Pampered Chef. You can get them on ebay.

Mima said...

The soup was absolutely delicious, and I have just been over and printed out several of your recipes for trying out, thank you again for that. (I did try and have it in a cup, but soon had to give up & use a spoon!!)

Sarah said...

Cool cake! Great tubes too :-)

Bobs said...

Wow - that's a very original cake! Full marks to the boy for that one! :)

I'm not sure I'd like a toothpaste that wasn't minty flavoured. Maybe I've led too sheltered a life! lol

Sue Nicholson said...

LOL Bless :-) You have bought your boy up to be himself and not what he thinks he should be :-) Love that he thought out of the box . . . actually well out of the box!!! And he has iced it REALLY nicely too. Way to go!

I am with Bobs . . . I like minty toothpaste too :-)

It was fabulous to meet up yesterday. I was sooo nervous, I am hopeless when meeting people for the first time. I usually keep chatting on and on . . . hope I did let you speak too!

LOL glass . . . lady . . . hold that thought when I start swearing etc when you get to know me :-D

Hope to meet again in Feb? Would be great :-)

Bye for now. . . Sue

Darcy said...

What a great cake, very creative and you should be proud....maybe slightly disturbed but definately proud LOL I think it's great when kids do something different instead of worrying about being the same as everyone else. My son hasn't made anything for me in a loooong time,though he is 19 now so maybe it's understandable.

Louise said...

Love the toothpaste shot. I have to say I can't believe you have 1 14 year old, you look far too young!

SuzyB said...

Well I like the cake, am just wondering what will happen when you cut into it? Has he rigged it to go KABOOM and splatter everywhere/ Now that would really be cool!

Says me, eating little and chips count?

Di said...

hehehe How cool is that - a hand grenade shaped cake?1 Interesting. Really clever stuff. Love the toothpaste photo as well. Great take on the word. x

Anonymous said...

Catching up again!! not enough hours in the day for me right now, didn't do todays photo it will have to wait till later...I am missing my blog

I think the cake is FAB... obviously he has picked up some of your creativeness and how clever to go for something so totally different and so beautifully iced too. What a guy :D

p.s. Big earings don't hurt but they DO stretch the hole which is why I now have NANNA ears LOL...IYKWIM

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Rachael,

I'm not even meant to be here, (meant to be playing catch-up at weedends), but just had to comment on that cake - it's fab! Genius even!

And I love the look of your new blog .... apart from now I'm hungry, so thanks for that.


ps. Sorry you missed out on a monkee.

pps. I did a toothpaste tube too - inspiration struck while we were at the orthodontists .... and I thought I was being clever!