Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tagged Again

Marina has tagged me so here I go.

Five things I was doing 10 Years Ago

Looking after a 1 year old son and a 3 year old son
Not making the most of life
Eating too much
Sitting on my butt for most of the time

Five things on my to do list

A Parachute jump
A Helicopter ride over Manhattan (to be done this year)
Organise and scan all my photo's
To see the Northern Lights (fingers crossed for when we are in Canada this summer)
To smile more

Five things I will do when I am a Millionaire

Buy an expensive camera and do lots of photography courses
Buy a house in Canada
Pay for Pete to see all the top specialists
Give some money to Kidney Research and Crones charities
Make sure the boys are set up for life

Five things I will never wear again

Halternecks - my boobs won't stay up on there own anymore
High heels for more than 10 minutes
Crop tops
Pinafore dress

Five of my favourite toys

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Bind it All (well it will be when it arrives tomorrow)

Five banes of my existence

Twig when he gets lost every time we let him off his lead
The loan company who put our phone number on all of their demand letters
Bad Customer Service - there is no excuse
? Will have to think about this one

Now I supposed to tag someone, consider yourself tagged if you haven't done this yet and you want to join in.

1 comment:

Mima said...

It seems that you are on everyone's tag list at the moment, loved all your answers, but I can't believe that you want to parachute jump, not something that I would do in a million years. Have you been scuba diving yet, if not, that should be on your list too!