Saturday, 5 January 2008

A bit more than we could chew!

Today we decided to go geo-caching for a change so against my better judgement I let Pete decide the location. True to form he cocked up and choose the hilliest area for miles around Bickerton and Peckforton so we set off from home at 11.30am and got to our destination just before midday. We climbed up, and up and up and eventually found the site of the first cache. By this time it was nearly 1pm so we decided the picnic would be a good idea it was after this that things started to go wrong. We had a decision to make we could go the easy way and find 2 more cache or we could go the hard way and find 3 so our wise, self elected leader decided that he would take us the long way. The boys easily agreed to this as there was a promise of ice-cream or cake at the candle workshop so off we trotted up further into the heavens. To cut a long story short the boys got cake and then the GPS gave up, did that put our great leader off, oh no it would take much more than that for my man to admit defeat. We walked, we climbed, we moaned, believe me we moaned and we eventually gave up as the sun went down and we were still half way up a mini mountain in the woods with only one torch between us. It was at this point that Pete decided that he had hurt his knees and that he could hardly walk, the journey down was joyous to say the least!!! Has this put us off - not a chance! We got home and ordered a new GPS which should come next week and is much better for the job in hand and I am planning tomorrows foray which is next to a canal so should be a much better bet.

The one thing I did get out of today was a picture for SPS it's a bit of a cheat really as Pete took it when we were about half way up, I just hope it counts.


Anonymous said...

Love your SPS... don't matter that you didn't take it... that view looks fab :D

Mima said...

Love the geocaching story, the moral of the story is that we are the best organisers and should always, always be allowed to organise!! It is very pretty around there though, so I bet you saw loads of beautiful views.

Kerry said...

Ah yes .... I remember family walks .... it quite often ended in tears. Happy memories.

Our kids refuse to go with us now, funnily enough, so enjoy your family ramblings while you can