Sunday, 27 January 2008

The End Of My Street Cred.

The lovely Rach has tagged me to name 5 songs that mean something to me. So this is when I completely ruin my image.

1. Whose Garden Is This? by John Denver. When I was little my Dad had (still has) all of John Denver's albums and I loved playing them and singing along to them. This was one of the ones that I knew all the words too, it is such a sad song and it makes me cry everytime I hear it. I can't find the John Denver version so the link is to the original recording.

2. Doctor Doctor! by Thompson Twins. I bought this album when I was in Belgium on a school trip, on the same day we went to hear the last post. This song was in the charts at the time and I always think of Belgium when I hear any of their songs.

3. Crazy For You by Madonna. This reminds me of those young teenage years when I used to go to the Police disco at the Civic Hall on a Monday night. I had a huge crush on a boy called Jamie, my first major crush, so when I hear this song it makes me remember that feeling.

4. Almost Paradise by Mike Reno & Anne Wilson. This is the song from Footloose. For our first date Pete and I double dated with 2 friends from where we worked and we went to the pictures to see RoboCop 2. We then went back to Pete's parents house (they lived abroad and still do) where he played this album and sang this song to me. Soppy I know.

5. Whole Again by Atomic Kitten. This was number one when Pete was first rushed into hospital and when we first found out that he had something wrong with his kidneys. This is when our lives completely changed for the better. I know that sounds weird but it bought us closer together, more appreciative of what we have, including each other and it made us start making the most of every day. This song also marked the end of arguing as we have not had one since then (2000) - life's too short!

Pete's just looked at these laughed and said "How Gay are you"! Mmmm thanks love. In my defence I do have to say these are NOT my favourite songs but they are some of the ones that mean the most to me.

I'm tagging Mima, Sue and Lou - sorry girls.


Mima said...

Sorry to be a kill joy, but just not up to tagging at the moment - I am just managing to keep up with everyones posts, but love your choices. Judy arrived on Weds and has played Rummicub before, so she has started to teach Rose, then they are going to show me how to do it once I am in better shape!

Suzie said...

Lovely stories behind your songs!

SuzyB said...

Ah, you did what I did, songs that have specific memories rather than favourite ones, much more interesting (and embarrassing!)

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