Thursday, 3 January 2008

We went to hell and had a blast!

We had been waiting ages (4 months) for this to arrive so that Pete could get his birthday present. For those of you that didn't read the post back in August every time I have asked my DH what he wants, whether it be for Christmas, his birthday or just when I go to Asda, he has answered the same thing for the last 18 years - a naked lady and a motorbike. So tonight was the big night when he got 12 motorbikes and 6 naked ladies in the form of the Crusty Demons and the Crusty Babes. Wow, Wow and Wow it was fantastic.

I'm not keen on motorbikes, or half naked babes come to think of it, but this show was amazing. The riders were the 12 top motor cross guys in the world and the tricks they do have to be seen to be believed, the music was loud and rockin' and the crowd was pumped for 3 whole hours. People of the male persuasion loved it and believe me there were a lot of them around. How often do you see this...

Before we ventured to the MEN we had a nice wander round the centre of Manchester something we haven't done for years. I found the shop that Kirsty mentioned once 'Octopus' and I plan to go back there very soon to spend lots of money, what a cool shop. I've still not found anything to put up for white but I will have a think about it tomorrow but I have put some more of my 50 winter pictures up on the slide show on the right. x


Kerry said...

That picture is so funny! (the loo one) ..... never in all my days have I seen such a thing!


Mima said...

I'm with you on the its not my sort of thing! Anything done well though can be really fascinating, and I love the photo of the cue for the loos!!

If it is ok with you, I am always up for visitors, I just might not be up to talking much (which is fine as you can talk!), and might not last very long - Mon & Tues are good next week - let me know!