Saturday, 16 February 2008

Stamping it up

I have made my own cards for 2o something years now. I made my first ever set for part of my textiles GCSE and even managed to get a grade A. I have made them using all sorts of mediums and techniques but one I have never really tried is stamping but that is about to change. I have just popped over to Willow Designs and bought myself a lovely little stamp and an acrylic block. I have inks anyway they have just never been used for stamping and I have hundreds of pencil crayons, bottles of ink and various watercolour sets so I shouldn't be short of something to colour it in with. I'll let you all have a laugh at my first ever attempt when it is done.

Do you think spellchecker has gone on holiday? I hope she is back soon.


sharon said...

Hi Rachel,

Got your order, thanks..will pop in post as soon as and I will look forward to seeing your makes.
I've just bought myself a new collection of H2O's, I love them to colour with...just shout if you need me;)x

ps..thanks for the anemia advice..

Jenga said...

Ooh stamping is fun ;)

SuzyB said...

Oh cant wait to see what you come up with, which one did you get?