Sunday, 17 February 2008

Had to share this

Last night we sat down to watch a DVD and this is how the conversation between Kyle and I went

Kyle: Where did you get this from?
Me : From one of my friends on the internet
Kyle: Which one?
Me: SuzyB
Kyle: Does she blog
Me: Yes
Kyle: Oh so she is one of your imaginary friends?
Me: No Kyle she is real person, how else could she have sent us something.
Kyle: Well have you met her?
Me: No
Kyle: She must be really ugly then.

At this point I gave up the will to live and just kept quiet.


Useless as I am I forgot to collect these awards that SuzyB my imaginary friend awarded me with a while back.

And another one that Mima awarded me with who was an imaginary blogland friend for a short while but now she is a very real friend. **Thanks Mima**


Mima said...

LOL from another of your imaginary friends!! That had me giggling out loud, I have also had real trouble explaining blogging friends to my family who sometimes just don't get it! Sorry to have been so lax over the last couple of days, but having a big catch up this morning. And there is an award for you over at my blog!

SuzyB said...


Just Hmmmm.


Shannon said...

Why are you freeze drying your clothes? It make a great church camp trick but not so much at home!

etteY said...

LOL!!! Sorry I should not laugh about it, but I can't help it! LOL!!