Thursday, 7 February 2008

Did you know

that a sloth only poohs about once a week! Living with a house full of males I know that, and lots of other facts, about pooh and bottoms too. The reason for that random bit of information is that it tie's in nicely with today's word on HS:MS Sloth. Now this sin I know a lot about as I have my very own teenage sloth living under my roof. He never does anything that he doesn't have to and then when asked to do something he either disappears to the toilet with his Nintendo DS (he learnt that one from Pete) or he goes as slow as slow can be. With everything else he does as little as is humanly possible to keep him from being in trouble. So here is his room which is a result of his slothfulness.

Tonight is the night that Pete and I are going to the Palace Theatre in Manchester to see the Circus of Horrors so I should have a few tales to tell tomorrow. You don't need to worry I am not taking my camera so I won't be forcing gruesome pictures on you. I'm a bit unsure about it all now and will probably end up sitting with my eyes shut for most of it and Pete is planning to take his shades with him. The bit I will have my eyes wide open for is the naked male dwarf with a Hoover - I'll leave the rest up to you imagination but it should be interesting to say the least.

Before we go there I have one of those wonderful days where you have to wait in for a delivery. Our new front door should be arriving this afternoon ready to be fitted, by a friend, tomorrow. I have been told that I should give the driver a tip so mine is going to be "put your indicator on at the bottom of the road".

Has anyone got any ideas as to why my spellchecker on blogger has stopped working?


Di said...

Great information! Having 3 sons (grown up now), I can relate. LOL. Hope you have a fab time tonight! x

Louise said...

what is it with boys?!?!?! My eldest is going the same way!!!

Have a good time at the circus... sounds interesting, but I am disappointed that you won't be taking the camera... LOL!!!

Spell check isn't working for me either!

Bambi said...

nice one!

Marina said...

Great shit, i am glad i am not the only mother with teenager that are like that. :~)

Spell check isn't working for me either.

Marina said...

Sorry forgot to say have a nice time tonight sound great. :~)

Aubrey Harns said...

I live with my teenage son & hubby, so I know exactly what you're talking about. My spellchecker stopped working too!!! What's going on in the world?!?! Great shot BTW!

Sue Nicholson said...

No spellchecker here either . . . flaming nuisance as I can't spell :-(

Totally get the boyz thing. Honestly they really are a race apart aren't they? I actually understand my hubby much more since Joshua hit the teens. Different planet I say . . . totally!

Do you like Captain Jack from Torchwood too! I see a bit of a trend here :-) Watch out all Captain Jacks . . . there's a mad woman . . . maybe two . . . on the loose!!

So sloth! Love it :-) Wanted to post Sarah's bedroom floor BUT she retalliated by saying she would post damn awful pic of me on her Myspace and Facebook . . . vanity won hands down . . . my vanity not hers!!! :-D

Great post today rach :-)


Zoe said...

Have a great night xx great shot too

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that a sloth only poohs once a week...but I do now ROFPMSL!! Oh boys!! Totally love it Rach :)
Hope you had a fab time tonight :)

etteY said...

well that's a bit of a trivia as i know nothing bout the sloth except being annoying in the movie Ice Age LOL!! I love him tho :))

Great sloth shot! Hope you had a grand time!

Can't wait to hear your story.


Shannon said...

Maybe your spellchecker and Sue's ran away from being overworked.
I like your slooth. By the way have a pooh warning and I no longer am interested in my kit kat bar after reading that.

Diana said...

Love it
Love Di

Mima said...

Hope that you enjoyed the circus and that it lived up to your expectations, but wasn't so gruesome that you couldn't watch!