Friday, 8 February 2008

Not a nice day

In fact I have had a terrible day today. Today was the day we got our new front door installed but with us living in a 102 year old house nothing ever goes to plan. Richard started knocking out the door but soon realised that the door frame was huge, bigger than any he had seen before but the real problems began when he levered off the side frame and 2 bricks went flying through the wall into the Living Room right through my nice wallpaper. Things only got worse as he started to cut through the top beam and 3 rows of bricks started to fall down from above the old frame on top of him. Then the lock on the door didn't work so we had to cut through a metal plate to get it all to work. So all in all I have not got anything done today other than be a gofer and screw holder lets just hope tomorrow is better when he turns up to rebuild walls and replaster.


Eleanor said...

Oh Rachael I know exactly how it is. Everything we have ever done in this house has led on to 28 other jobs we didn't anticipate, each one costing more than the one before. Still love the house though and I bet you do too. Here's to a brighter day tomorrow.

etteY said...

Good morning sunshine!! :) aaawww it seems like everyone (if not all) was having a bad day yesterday. Cheers to a new day :)

Di said...

Oh I had a bad day too *hugs* for totally different reasons. It did get better for me. I feel for ya! Here's to a good day today x

SuzyB said...

Boy does it look like yesterday was completely crap for everyone and it wasnt even the 13th!

Hope all got sorted and that at the end of it all you love your new front door x x