Saturday, 9 February 2008

Green Eyed Monster

First I will do my catch up for yesterday so here is my wrath, couldn't be anything else really could it? The first one is my new front door, obviously and the 2nd one is of one of the holes in my Living Room.

So today's word is envy now I know I didn't take this picture and I am sorry that it is so small but this is my envy. I would love to a. have a body like hers and b. be able to do what she does with her body.

This is one of the performers at the circus of horrors and she did got into some amazing positions in fact everyone there did totally amazing things with their bodies from opening beer bottles with eyelids to nailing tongues to tables. It wasn't as gory as I expected and I didn't have to close my eyes once. It was however, a very grown up show and at one point I could have crawled under my seat when Pete said Boobies rather loudly. The little guy in the corner of the picture is the one that uses the Henry on his bits and bobs which I can report are nearly to his knees. Which is not surprising really when he drags a hoover round a stage with it most nights!

Seeing as Suzy asked nicely here is a link to Captain Dan, his hoover and an amusing story.
I wish blogger would hurry up and fix the spell checker.


Di said...

Great topical take on the word wrath. And I'm really there with you in regards to body and what you can do with it! Hope you have a good day today x

Diana said...

Great shots rachel and I agree on the envy! Wow!
Love Di

SuzyB said...

Erm, what no shots of the hoover man and his bits and bobs? :o)

SuzyB said...

Ok so he was more embarrassed about being seen to by nurses than he was about dragging a hoover around the stage on his widget? LOL!