Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Back to haunt me.

I've felt naff all day today with a cracking headache which would not shift for anything but it seems to be easing off a bit now - finally. To add to my crappy day I got a letter this morning, which looked thick and ominous, so I put off opening it until late this afternoon. It was from a solicitors about the car accident I had last July when the drunk idiot smashed into my car on Friday 13th. Apparently his insurance has refused to pay for the hire car I was given while mine was being fixed. There is no question of us having to pay for this, which is a good job as it totals over £4000, but I may have to go to court as a witness which should be fun as generally speaking I can't remember what happened yesterday let alone what happened 7 months ago. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that the threat of legal action will be enough for them to pay up.


Scott Booker said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. That sucks that it took that long to get taken care of anyway!!

Jenga said...

Urgh - BA$TARD$!!!!! >:o(

Leanne said...

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SuzyB said...

Oh no Rach, how awful. So sorry you had a plop day yesterday xx

Zoe said...

How rubbish is that- so unfair! Hope your head's better today?

Mima said...

Cheeky sods, how can they possibly not pay? Really hope that this sorts out without you having to go to court as that would be such a hassle.

Sorry to hear that you have been suffering with a headache, hope that it has sorted itself out and that you are feeling much better.

Sue Nicholson said...

I went to court . . . I was soooo cross . . . the accident wasn't my fault and she wanted compensation from me!!!

I "won" but got no out of pocket expenses :-(

Good Luck. Stand tall Rach :-)

Sue . . . scrolling up :-)