Monday, 18 February 2008

It's a beautiful day.

I seem to be getting on top of things finally. The walls are now all plastered and we just have to wait for them to dry before we paint, I have repainted the Living Room wall where the bricks flew through and that is now passable until we need to decorate again. The boys went back to school this morning complaining loudly about the temperature at 7.45, which was unbelievably cold. My cold seems to be going which just leaves me with an annoying, hacking cough but at least that is easier to cope with than a snotty nose. So at the moment the sun is shining and life is good so what better day to start taking photos again.

Hole. A hollow place in a solid body or surface.

This is a hole in our tall side gates looking out at my friends house.


Mima said...

Really glad to hear that the house is more sorted, it must have been really difficult with everybody around and the house in chaos as well.

Bambi said...

what a cool shot!

Louise Woolford. said...

Good to hear that your getting on top of things, we have a lot to do here, painting, gloss work, stairs to carpet, and the driveway to cover phew... great hole picture too :o)

sharon said...

love the light through the blackness of the hole.x

Shannon said...

This word is gonna get me into some trouble today. Great hole! Had a bit of trouble figuring out what I was looking at.
You taste like fried chicken? yummy!
Better than somethings you could taste like. We all can't be immortal! lol
Isn't that scrapbook the best thing! I am loving it. Go ahead and do it digi. I haven't a clue about digi.

Zoe said...

Great shot, glad your cold's better, I've got it now!

JACKIE M said...

Cold weather for decoratingespecially plastering, Great shot =0)

Sue Nicholson said...

When I saw today's prompt I thought of you! Mum always used to say "put the wood in the hole" meaning to shut the door . . . thought of you, your hole and your new door :-)

Amazing hole . . . great shot :-) Such a good photographer :-)

Well, as you know, half-term starts for me today . . . still sane but unlikely to stay that way.

And despite the wonderful sun it is so damn cold . . . brrrrr. poor boyz :-(

Sorry your cold is hanging on :-( Look after yourself . . . Sue

P.S. We need to see if us HSMS girls can get together at the Trafford Centre again soon.
We can arrange Mima's visit when you feel you are almost recovered.

Jenga said...

COOL shot!!

Louise said...

so glad you put the arrow there Rach...just to make sure we knew where the hole was...LOL!
great shot

etteY said...

glad to hear your doin' better! nice hole pic :D