Tuesday, 30 October 2007

HS:MS - Bedroom

Do you have a fave spot or piece of furniture in your bedroom?

I love the curtain rail in our bedroom!

Not a happy bunny today as I have been awake with a sore throat most of the night which started half way through Doc Martin last night. Last time I had a really sore throat I ended up with acute gutate psoriasis which lasted for months and months and covered me in horrible red patches. Apparently it was as a result of having severe tonsillitis so now every time I get a sore throat I panic. Hopefully this is just a cold as I can't see white blotches yet.

The boys choose their pumpkins at the weekend and cut them out ready for Halloween. Kyle's is the grim reaper, he had a little bit of help but Matt did the other one all by himself.

A good tip for keeping them from shrivelling before the big day is to put them in water over night or rub Vaseline round all the cut out bits to stop it loosing moisture. We've gone for the water method as it's less messy and we are not sure how flammable Vaseline is?



sharon said...

oohh special curtain rail..v. nice..amazing pumpkins.x

Jolanda said...

Love the curtain rail and the pumpkins looks great!

Bobs said...

Wow - fabulous pumpkins!! Well done those boys!

I love your curtain pole too. Very nice!

amandamagpie said...

I love your curtain rail too and those pumpkins are amazing! x

Lynsey said...

Love the rail, those pumkins are so fab. Going to do mine tomorrow.

Diana said...

That is a special curtain rail. I think that would be great in my bedroom too. Love the pumpkins well done!

SuzyB said...

I do like your curtain rail, its unusual and I like unusual.

Im sorry to hear you have a sore throat, I suffered over the weekend but now its gone just leaving me a complete snot pile.

Dont you feel the urge to try the vaseline just as a scientific experiment? I mean, surely an exploding pumpkin, with a tripod and low shutter speed could make some very interesting photos. Where's your sense of adventure?? :o)

Hazel said...

Great curtain rail - love it. Hope the throat eases soon.

Bambi said...

love that beaded finial! and those pumpkins are super!

sharon said...

hee..hee..limbering up for the big day tomorrow..???..lol

Anonymous said...

Fab curtain rail and WOW amazing pumkins!!

Hope you are feeling better soon and it just turns out to be a cold and nothing more serious ((hugs))

Louise said...

I love the Tim Burton style pumpkin... excellent.

Hope you feel better very soon

Diana said...

Wednesday: Hope you are feelng better soon
Love Di

SuzyB said...

Awww Rach, you cant be ill on Halloween, you have pumpkins to detonate for a start.

Wrap up and eat unhealthy foods like cake and stuff and hope you feel better very soon xx

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi rach!

Oh! Sending you ((hugs)). Whisky/Brandy are best. If it makes you feel better put the tot in a Hot Lemon but don't be fooled . . . it's the tot that works not the other stuff!!

I'm afraid DH has had something similar for a fortnight! Very sore throat and coughing. Very much man flu but to be fair he has suffered . . . even I can see that.

LOL at Suzyb's remark re the experiment!! Powerful Pumpkin Pieces Everywhere!!


Sue Nicholson said...

Ok :( Dummy here forgot to say that I love your curtain rail. It's the fin....er finales.....er the stringy rope bit that I like :)

Angela said...

I LOVE those finials! And the colours of your curtains and wall.

Those pumpkins are amazing too.

Hope you're feeling better :-)

MommyBa said...

beautiful photos!! i loved 'em!