Thursday, 11 October 2007

HS:MS - Game

A form of play or sport.

Not a difficult thing to take a picture of in this house. I would have had more choice but the 2 bearded dragons that we are babysitting for our niece are currently living on the toy trunk in the playroom so I can't get to most of the games until the weekend. I couldn't make my mind up between the old fashioned type of board game that we enjoy or the more modern games consoles so I have taken a picture of each. The only choice then was should it be the Wii, PSP or PS2 we have 2 of each here. Couldn't get the lighting right on the Wii even though I put it right next to the window so in the end I gave up and went with what I had got.
Steps: A series of flat surfaces to enable movement from one level to another.

I didn't manage the prompt yesterday so have caught up today this is one of the steps that we made at the bottom of the garden with reclaimed railway sleepers. Unless you have actually carried a sleeper you have no idea of how heavy they are. We ordered 30 of the damn things and after moving the first one, instantly regretted it. I must admit all the straining and huffing and puffing was worth it in the end, as they do look good. I am so glad that we went for the dirty reclaimed ones over the nice neat clean ones as they have so much more character. The metal bits are still on them and we positioned some so they were pointing up which the thrushes love to use to bash the snails on.

Crockery: A collection of ceramics, porcelain and china.

Not a chance of taking one for this prompt. We only have crappy white crockery here as it only gets bunged in the dishwasher or broken so no point in us having anything else. Kyle has his own special bowl, plate and side plate which are the same as all the others apart from the chips in the rims. For some reason he loves having the chipped crockery and we have to make sure he gets it every time.


Bobs said...

Your steps are gorgeous, Rachael! Love those games too.

Thanks for the info about Justin Hayward touring in December. Don't think I'll be able to go though because DH's parents will be here. :(

sharon said...

love your leaves on your step, I bet there is always something going on in your house with all those games, never a dull moment..xx

SuzyB said...

Great photos, love the depth of field on the wii one. Your steps look like they lead to somewhere really exciting!

Louise said...

I love the steps shot Rach... love how the leaves have all gathered:)

Never played rumnikub, but it does look interesting:)

Hazel said...

Love the angle for steps. Great choices for game.

Sue Nicholson said...

Ah! We have Switch. Drives me mad. Give me the slower UNO any day!

Great photos. Good idea to show the modern ones too. No Wii at the moment but we do have the PSP and PS/2. Honestly!

Echoing what everyone has already said about your steps. Neat image.

We only have white crockery, easy to replace when cracked/chipped/broken!