Monday, 29 October 2007

HS:MS - Window

Choose your favourite window in your house. Show the whole window, the curtains and window decoration.

It only took me an hour to get this shot and then after all that it turned out pants. It's Matt's bedroom window so I had to open the blinds, open the curtains, make the bed, clean the windows, clean the windowsill, find the desk (under all the crap) and then clean it and then I spent ages trying to get the Plasticine out of the carpet. He fancies himself as a movie maker at the moment so we have Plasticine figures everywhere while he makes the movie which usually involves blood and guts - well what else can you expect from a goth! I love the way his room is full of black, red and skulls but he still won't get rid of his teddy bear which lives on his bed - ahhhh bless. At least the room will stay tidy for a few hours as the boys are back at school today - yay, yay and double yay!!

Don't be fooled by the "tidy" room, I have just moved everything into a pile at the bottom of the bed just out of shot. I don't ever tidy the boys rooms I only ever dump all the things that aren't where they should be on the bed and then clean. That way if they want to sleep they have to do something about the mess - it's worked so far!

Matt's mess - not bad for a 14 year old boy!

Kyle's mess mountain!!



Marina said...

great picture, your son is going to be so pleased that you have tidyed his room, hahaha :~) xx

amandamagpie said...

Thought it was only me that cleaned just to take a photo? lol The effort was worth it, though, because the room looks great. I love the fact your son still has his teddy, that is so sweet! x

Diana said...

Hee Hee you made me laugh today! I love red curtains. My computer room has read curtains on two windows and ORANGE on the other! So nice to see parts of your home.
Love Di

Lynsey said...

You have captured this well. i found it quite hard today.

Bambi said...

oh my, i don't think he'll forgive you for posting his mess on your site =P but nice window (^_^)

Andrew said...

I like the window shot, Rachel. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

ROFL at you dumping all the stuff on their beds to take your photo... brilliant... made my day :D
DD was never very tidy either but all of her stuff went under the bed...hidden away from me!!
Love the curtains... but then I would as red is my fave colour :)

Bobs said...

I like your thinking about dumping their mess on the bed! Clever!!

Super window too!

SuzyB said...

Surely photo taking shouldnt be such hard work??

Well done though for putting in the effort, I cleary (altogether now) 'couldnt be arsed' :o)) xx

SuzyB said...

Ha har, thats it now, you'll get all giddy at all the possibilities and it will suck you in til you make your own book!! mwhahahahah x

Hazel said...

Well done for the effort that went into achieving a splendid window photo!

Sue Nicholson said...


That'll be why you have a sore throat. No you are not allergic to moving around the dust it will be the Mr Shhen and Widolene fumes that you are not used too :)

Great shot though. Red, black and white is my fav combi though I add here, even though you may have guessed, I am not a Goth!

My kids get no privacy, in other words their bedroom door stays open, until the room is realtively straight. Works here :) Well, most of the time!!