Friday, 26 October 2007

Guilty as Charged

The blog police have been in contact with me and accused me of being mean and not sharing photos. So just for SuzyB here are a couple of photos from our trip. There are some more on the laptop of our visit to the Black Country Museum but to get them I have to get up and go and get the laptop so I can transfer the photos and that is far too much to ask.

Anybody that knows Pete knows that he is a total liability. In recent years he has been knocked off his bike and broken his shoulder, elbow and a rib or two, fallen off a skateboard while showing the boys how to do it and chipped his elbow, fallen 30 foot off a rope swing and broken a couple of ribs, severed his thumb tendon with a sellotape dispenser, broken his toe on a post and had more bruises and tiny accidents than I care to remember. So when we saw a swing in the Forest of Dean you would think that he would heed my warning of "don't you bloody dare" wouldn't you, ohhh no not Pete he has to jump straight on it.

As you can see he was having great fun. Until he decided that it would be even more fun if he was to jump off in my direction and run at me like a lunatic while I had the camera up to my face trying to take a photo. Unfortunately for him I didn't move apart from downwards and backwards rapidly. Pete tried to grab me round the waist but I took him with me where he landed face down on the forest floor with a bruised nose and bleeding lip. The thing is I don't understand how this is all my fault but apparently it is and I should have moved - at least I'll know next time. Don't anyone have any sympathy for the fool as he doesn't deserve it as he should know better at his age.

We found out that the swing was part of a sculpture trail in the forest so we carried on and walked the rest of it which took a few hours.

There were some pretty good sculptures there but this one was our favourite.

One of the other places we visited was Puzzle Wood which I can highly recommend. It is the remains of an Pre Roman open cast iron mine and is totally amazing. It's like being transported into another world where fairies, trolls and elves could happily dwell.

So all in all our little trip was a success and was well worth the £15 a night (not each) it cost us to stay in the Travel Lodge!

Well Suzy you asked for it, have I shared enough now?



SuzyB said...

I'll be getting a reputation soon for being a blogger bully LOL

Im happy now though - great photos. I need to go there, looks brill!

I do feel slightly bad too. Im going to finish lounging on the settee in my jamas (yes I know its only half six...) and go round getting up to date with photos.

In a minute or two... or three maybe :o)

Louise said...

WOW that sculpture is amazing... I would love to see it irl.

eeeek at the accident which was 'your fault'... men eh, will they ever grow up!!!

Diana said...

Great shots from you today!!! lovely to see you around.

Charli said...

These pics are gorgeous Rach - where were they taken? Would love to go! And poor Pete! And poor you getting blamed lol typical geezer!

etteY said...

looks like you had a GRAND time!! :D thanks for sharing 'em with us! :D