Friday, 12 October 2007

HS:MS - Tongue

A fleshy muscular organ in the mouth.

This is the biggest tongue in my space and the cutest.

I had a culinary disaster on a grand scale last night the culprit .... a jelly. That's right a simple jelly caused carnage in my kitchen. It was one of those new quickset jellies that do what they say on the packet and set really quickly. They actually start to go gooey in the jug as you stir it. This is when I dropped it and it splatted EVERYWHERE, my jeans, my boots, all over Kyle, cupboard doors, the floor, the ceiling, the walls you name it the jelly splatted it and promptly set. So Pete came in from work to see Kyle topless and me on my hands and knees scrapping red jelly off the floor in my knickers! You must understand I don't normally clean the floor in my pants, well not when the kids are at home anyway, but my jeans had set and were in the washing machine. I don't know what surprised him most, the jelly everywhere that looked like someone had been murdered, me in my pants or me actually cleaning the floor!!

You've all heard of jellied eels, heres my take on it - jellied boots. Seriously though has anyone any ideas about how I should clean these?




SuzyB said...

Aww such a great shot and brill DOF. As for the cleaning in yours pants? I think thats a daily occurance in the Rachael household and you're just trying to hide the fact with a jelly trauma. You're amongst friends you know, you can tell us :o) xx

Bobs said...

I've got this hilarious mental imagenow, Rachael!! Rofl!!

Fab shot for today. Couldn't you have used that tongue to clean the jelly???? lol

cherry said...

omg! that must be the best "Tongue" shot lol. Love it xox

Hazel said...

What a long tongue!! Great shot. Lol at the pictures conjured up by the jelly saga (I take it you won't be buying that again!)

Diana said...

Great tongue and I am ROFL at your jelly story. You poor darling!!!
Love Di

Mary said...

Ohhh Rachael you have cheered me up today....that is such a funny story about the jelly!

Love your doggy........great shot!

Louise said...

OMG!!! that story is too funny... I bet you missed some somewhere and you'll find it one day somewhere really unexpected... I did when I boiled eggs for about 3 hours... they exploded EVERYWHERE!!!

lovely cute dog with a MASSIVE tongue!

Kate said...

just gave me a giggle as well - i did a similar thing not so long ago!!
if those boots are suede the best way of cleaning them is to use sa dry sponge and just the bubbles of the top of the washing up water!! sounds bizarre i know but it has worked for me in the past. good luck with cleaning them up!

Anonymous said...

OMG that has just got to be the biggest tongue LOL... bet you get a nice wash from that!!

I love the jelly story ROFL but bet it wasn't funny cleaning it up :D

Terrie Farrell said...

fantastic shot.....brilliant, well done. X

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for your comment, and heck, knitting is fun!!

I too found the jelly story horribly funny and honestly? The best way to clean those boots would be to throw them in the bin and buy a new pair.

Not a very eco friendly or purse friendly solution though - sorry :)

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi rach :)

Not sure what happened but I seem to have missed you :( No matter I am putting you as a link on my blog so that won't happen again.

Love it. I knew you would have a good tongue, fraid I went for the leather variety!!

Have fun cleaning your boots. So wish I could think of a pun here!


Charli said...

Fantastic shot Rach, perfect DOF IMHO - and I fear your boots have had it. I had a pair, same colour, and when they got marks on, I tried and tried to get the marks out and couldnt! If you do find a way though, let me know please!!

Maaike said...

what a great dog!!

Andrew said...

Smashing shot and DOF - don't know how to clean the boots...sorry!

sharon said...

blimey..hugh tongue, lol @ Bobs, great shot though!!xx

pretty-pink-cards said...

great photo
fab story.. cant help with the cleaning up tho sorry
caroline x

etteY said...

great shot! love that long tongue!

LOL! at Bobs!

SmileyCarrie said...

Awesome tongue picture! :)

Poor you about the jelly!! YUCK! Sounds like a nightmare!!!

SuzyB said...

Oy, if I can peel myself off the settee and make the (very bad) effort, so can you young lady. Did you buy some new boots? How about wearing some really funky socks over the top of them instead?

Sue Nicholson said...

I C B A.

Are you there?

Mmmmmmmm :D

Hurry back hon :)

We are missing you.

pokettiger said...

Now this tongue photos wins the blue ribbon in my opinion! Awesome!