Thursday, 1 November 2007

Love, hate relationship..

Inside or out - what is your fridge like? What does it say about you?

Mmm what does my fridge say about me. If it could talk it would probably say "she loves her food but hates what it does to her". Notice the 2 pictures on the fridge door they're both of me when I was fat and they don't work. I'm going to try a new tactic and put a thin picture of me on there as I am sure that will be more of an incentive to loose those few pounds that have crept back on over the last 3 years. I also keep a list of what we are eating for the next week on there, a shopping list behind that, post its with the kids jobs for the day on, a chart showing how much the kids have earned this week and then any other bits and pieces get stuck on there too.

The stuff inside is not very tempting to me at the moment as it all tastes of snot. I am getting really fed up of this cold now. The night before last I hardly slept at all but then again what can you expect when you take tablets that are laden with caffeine at 10pm! Last night I made sure I took Night Nurse instead of Day Nurse and had a great nights sleep so feel a lot better. It's just the runny eyes and nose that are getting on my nerves now as every time I bend forward to do something I drip - not a good look on Christmas cards.
I'm off to the hairdressers this afternoon to be pampered. Hopefully I will be brave enough to go for a whole new look. Before that though I am going to buy some wool as my mum is going to teach me how to knit. I am starting with a black and red scarf for Matt which should be ready for this 18th birthday with any luck. All this so I can have a bloody monkee!


Hazel said...

Hope the cold goes soon. Good idea to have the week's planning on the fridge. I know what you mean about the 'fat' photo - used to have a 'fat' and 'thin' one inside my wardrobe door to remind me when I went to get clothes - think I need to put one back again.

Mima said...

I love the fact that your fridge door is so organised! Although I am an organised person the fridge door belongs to the carers and there are all sorts of things on there.

Lynsey said...

Excellent shot -love the composition

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh I have such empathy with you. I am trying so hard to lose half a stone, I need to lose more but am being realistic, then we get sweets in for Halloween! Bang goes my futile efforts again!

You are so organised . . . I am slowly getting there . . . we have eaten properly every night for a week now!!!! Wonder how long that will last.

Hope you feel better soon. Colds are dire and the drip can be damn annoying. LOL at the cards!! :D

Enjoy your pampering.

Take care . . . Sue

Kirsty Wiseman said...

love that angle rach, great shot xx
get well soon

Eleanor said...

Poor old you. Sounds like you could do with some pampering. I can't take night nurse to save my life (well, I dare say I would if that were really the case) just can't swallow it. I do hope you pick up soon - maybe a couple of glugs of that red pepper and something marinade I can see in your fridge will blow your tubes out?
Look after yourself

SuzyB said...

Well if you thought my drawer was full of crap, there's NO way Im showing you my fridge!!

Actually thats a lie, your fridge is like my sister's - it looks like its full of really interesting things whereas mine at any one time only has a slab of cheese, a tub of marge and some out of date mini pepparamis. Not photo inspiring by any stretch of the imagination.

I do sympathise re the cold as I too am at the leaky nose stage. Still, negates the need for lip gloss doesnt it?

ewwww LOL!

Bobs said...

Oh. I really feel for you having a dripping cold. They're horribly miserable. :( Hope the pampering sesh goes well and manages to cheer you up a bit.

My old fat photos on my old fridge door didn't work either .... I'm even fatter now.

I love your fridge - both inside and out! Love the angle of the inside shot!

Caz said...

Love the shot focused on the bottle in the door...vv cool.

Marina said...

Great photos and what a great fridge you have it is a family fridge full of life. Get well soon :~) xx

Lynsey said...

Have just tagged you - rules are on my blog.