Friday, 9 November 2007

Pardon What Sorry?

Guess what I've been doing today instead of taking photographs titled disturbed. I bin playin' digi style and created myself a new header, like you need telling! Before anyone asks it's called that because apparently I use those words so often they must be my favourites either that or I'm going deaf.
The big news is that Kyle has got himself a girlfriend. Vicky asked him if he would go out with her on the bus when they were returning from a school trip yesterday. According to Kyle they have held hands and hugged, which he thought was nice, but they haven't kissed yet. He took her photograph today and she is now the wallpaper on his mobile and I must admit she is very pretty. Kyle bought her a hedgehog toy yesterday and she bought him a rubber, Pete thinks this was a bit forward of Vicky so I explained that it was an eraser and he's now settled down.
Did you know - It is estimated that the average person will spend about 336 hours kissing in their lifetime.


SuzyB said...

Gorgeous banner Rach, and that photo of you is fab!! Was thinking about having a blog overhaul myself this weekend, not sure what to go for though.

And blimey a girlfriend! How fast do they grow up. Scary stuff...

Sue Nicholson said...

ROFLOL & PMSL ...... Fab!

Just loving the girlfriend story.

Sarah has a "first date" on Sunday . . . cinema double date. She's has been on one before and then afterwards the boy dumped her . . . . praying hard that history is not going to be repeated.

Great banner. Great. Looking at sorting mine out too now I am a SAHM :)

Bye for now . . . .Sue


Mima said...

Love the new header, it looks great. As for a girlfriend, how scary, and LOL at Pete's reaction. A real take on modern life with her making the move, he must have been so chuffed!!